Holy insulin resistance, Batman!

16w4d into pregnancy, and it seems like insulin resistance is hitting my like a brick. My fasting levels have been creeping up for the last 10 days, and I’ve spent too much of today over 200, even though I’d bolused more than enough for my breakfast and my lunch. Or at least I thought I did, but apparently I’m entering into a twilight zone and things are really changing quickly… Of course, after being high for way longer than I’d like, without my corrections having any effect, my insulin finally started working…and now I’m sitting here, chewing on glucose tabs fighting off a potential low.

I guess I should be content in the knowledge that this is to be expected. After my early first trimester resistance explosion, which saw my insulin needs increase by nearly double, the last few weeks had been a pretty steady, if slight, downward progression. I’d almost gotten back to my pre-pregnancy dosages last week. Good thing I’ve got an appointment with my endo tomorrow so I can talk about all this.

And I’m really wishing the Ping had a bigger resevoir these days…