Insulin Resistance

I’m 17 weeks and I’m not sure if I’m experiencing insulin resistance or not. What I want to find out is if insulin resistance comes suddenly or if it creeps up on you. I feel like high BG levels have been sneaking up on me over the past few days and my total daily dose has gone from about 35 to 42 - I know that this isn’t a huge jump, but there have been a lot of highs out of the blue…looking forward to hearing your experiences.

I think that my came on rather suddenly between weeks 20-22, but I have heard many different experiences with when and how insulin resistance rears its head!

Had the same experience starting at 14 weeks, my basal insulin tripled all of a sudden and it has been pretty steady now for about the past 1-2 weeks. I am currently 17 weeks too!
I also wait anywhere from 20-50 minutes after taking my humalog before I even begin eating (I know it’s not “safe” for some people to wait that long but mine takes a while to kick in according to my CGM). Walking 15 minutes after meals helps a huge amount also.