Holy Snikees!

Wow, my new CDE just called me, out of the blue, to follow up with me on our appointment from a couple of days ago! Very pleasant surprise, never had that type of interest from the other one before. There may be hope for my needy self after all!

The change from Humalog to Novalog seems to have been the key to all this actually starting to work. I am getting much more consistent delivery now I think. My A1c in October was 7.7, Tuesday’s was 6.7. And that was with almost the entire month of November being a nightmare.

I had been switched to the Sure-T sets when we were figuring all this out, I am trying a Silhouette set again this time. I find them much more comfortable. So far, so good.

We’re getting an ice storm today, always fun! Here at least, it is supposed to be less than 1/2", so hopefully the power will stay on for most of us. Roads will be nasty tho and there is always some twit who decides that their 4WD Suburban won’t be affected by the ice. Morons.

Been fighting a bit of a head cold last couple of days, I’m sure that’s messing with my pump adjustments somewhat. I may just ride out being sick, correcting when I need to, until I feel better. I had a roommate years ago that used to swear by a shot of NyQuil and a shot of Jack when he got sick, wonder what the carb count in that is? I suppose I could look it up, but that would kinda spoil it, ya know?

Thanks for stopping by

I’m curious as to why Novalog is working better for you than Humalog. I was under the impression that they were extremely similar. You seem to elude to a delivery problem with the Humalog. Could you elaborate on that? How is Novalog different for you? Just curious.

Hi Carolyn,

I was on Humalog for a very long time and believe that I was actually having an immune response to it. When pumping, the Humalog went in to my body for several days in the same spot (as opposed to rotating shots). I would end up with a knot around the site and often would develop leaks from what seemed to be insulin coming back up from around the needle/cannula from the site.

Have other folks experienced similar things?

Great news Scott! Glad that you have found a solution (phew!)… and congrats on the already lower A1c!!

Carolyn-- I also used to assume that all the fast acting are pretty much the same, but it seems that people have very different experiences with them. It doesn’t sound like one is better and another worse, just different experiences for different people. There is a discussion about it here.

Scott, That is interesting. Thanks for sharing. It’s kind of scary to think of having an immune response to the medicine that keeps us alive, so I’m very glad to hear that the Novalog is working better for you. Congrats on the drop in A1C. That’s a pretty big drop for only 2 months, especially since you say one of them was a bad month.

Kristin, thanks for the link to the other discussion. I will check it out.

Congrats, Scott! So happy for you.

Hope you’re spared an ice storm & morons who don’t know how & when to drive their SUVs.

Let me know if you decide to chance the Nyquil & Jack.

Feel better!

Looks like most of the icy stuff missed us, which doesn’t bother me one bit…

As far as insulin goes, they are similar in action, but there are enough differences between them that all the companies can get their own shiny patents! I imagine it is not the insulin molecules themselves causing the problems, but something else in the mix.

When did Humalog come out? I bet i started using it not long after that date.

I put in a Silhouette set a couple of days ago and I have not noticed a single problem with it, so I think I am going to switch back.