Homemade yogurt

I used to add dried milk powder to my homemade yogurt to make it thicker. Now that I have diabetes, I don’t want to add more carbs so have discovered that vanilla whey protein powder is a nice substitute. I add 1/2 cup to a quart of whole milk and it makes a slightly sweet, thick and creamy yogurt. I have a yogurt maker that makes 7 little glass jars of yogurt, one for every day of the week. It is a convenient snack to take to work. I add some frozen mixed berries to each jar which holds 6 oz of yogurt, so that makes it about 10g of carb. My favorite flavor is cherry/dark chocolate. I buy frozen organic sweet cherries and cut up a few with a chopped square of Lindt 87% dark chocolate. Mmmm, dessert! Anybody else make yogurt?