In my quest to eat low-carb I have switched from fruited yogurt to plain, where I add my own sweetener and berries, but today I was out of berries and added a little vanilla instead. But are there other things that can be added to plain yogurt?

how about granola? started adding it recently and adds a like crunch, flavor and fiber to my breakfast.

Yes, but granola is definitely not low-carb. A few sprinkles would be ok, but I would like to have something lower in carbs to add. Thanks for the idea, though, Joe!

Since you’re interested in yogurt, watch out for the varieties sweetened with inulin, which has a name confusingly similar to insulin. It’s a natural ingredient that tastes sweet and doesn’t respond to the enzymes your body uses to digest carbohydrates, so it doesn’t raise your blood glucose. However, that leaves it for the bacteria lower in your intestines; some of them can digest it and create a lot of gas from it.

I no longer have a chance to try mixing my own varieties of yogurt, bit if I was in such a situation, I’d want to try several more of the liquid extract flavorings available at the larger grocery stores - but only one type of extract in each mixture.


I thought about mixing things into plain yogurt but after it’s all said and done it averages out about the same. When I lived in MO I use to eat Blue Bunny yogurt for a snack, it had 15g of carbs.

If you have a Kroger store near you, they have a yogurt called CarbMaster that only has 3 net carbs per 6 ounce container. I’m not sure how many flavors there are. I LOVE the vanilla flavored one. It is just the right amount of sweetness for me.

I always add ground flax seed to my yogurt, and sliced or diced fruit. Nut butter is another nice thing to add in.

I eat A LOT of plaing yogurt!!

I add cocoa powder and splenda (and mix very well)!! Mmmm I love it!! It’s a low carb chocolate “pudding”! Just make sure that you get plain cocoa (without any sugar added). I buy a little bit more expensive cocoa cause I find the flavor much richer… and one box lasts me a few months anyway.

I have also added cinnamon and splenda before.

You could also try DaVinci sugar free syrups. I have never used them before, but I have heard they are GREAT and I ordered some for Christmas.

I too add ground flax

There is a “back to nature” mix of nuts, dried cherries,dried cranberry that is good in yogurt…bit of carb but no added sugar