Homophobia & ableism--support me!

so, im getting kinda nervous because I am supposed to be facilitating a workshop tomorrow about the intersections of homophobia & ableism. I am really excited to have the opportunity to speak specifically about the connections (and to extend it to dealing with chronic illness), but im worried that 1) folks arent going to get it 2) its going to be boring and 3) no one is going to come.

since you all are such *experts* in dealing with these connections, i'd love to have you and your brains present at my workshop. nyc-based folks, this means you. here's the details. hope to see you there! (feel free to send encouragement :))

*stay ALERT series* October Event

Activism, Leadership, and Education for a Radical Takeover presents:

“Queers & Ableism” Workshop

Thurs. October 25, 7-9pm FREE

Location (wheelchair accessible): SAGE/Queens, 74-09 37th Ave. Suite 409 Jackson Heights, NY 11372

What is ableism and why does it matter? How is it connected to homophobia? Who cares and why? Come find out or share your experience at the next stay ALERT workshop.

“stay ALERT!” is an educational workshop series at Queens Pride House which focuses on radical queer organizing and the intersections of oppressions. stay ALERT! stands for Activism, Leadership, and Education for a Radical Takeover. Look for a new stay ALERT event each month. Are you staying ALERT?