Honeymoon ending plus pregnancy - experiences?

Hi all,

I just found out I am pregnant, only a few weeks along. I have had to quadruple my insulin doses. This has resulted in lots of highs as I figure out my dosing, in an early pregnancy, which is so frustrating as I have always had excellent control.

I suspect either my honeymoon phase has ended (I was diagnosed 2 years ago) or the pregnancy has caused this sudden change.

Has anyone else experienced huge increase in insulin requirements in early pregnancy? Usually it seems to be the other way around.

Thanks for the advice.


I’d estimate that over 95% of women experience astronomical highs and need correspondingly higher doses of insulin, especially in the first trimester. Are you seeing a high-risk OB? To prevent diabetes-associated pregnancy loss, your A1c should be maintained under 6.5 if memory serves (both before conceiving for a period of time and throughout the pregnancy.)