Pregnancy while honeymooning

Hey everyone! My husband and i got talking yesterday, and we were thinking of trying to conceive in the next few months. He mentioned that it might be easier to conceive while I’m still making some beta cells (I actually gained some after being diagnosed a few months ago, interestingly enough). My numbers have been in a really great range… My A1C was 5.8 when I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago. I’m wondering if it WOULD be best to conceive while I’m still honeymooning, or if it wouldn’t make that much of a difference for the baby. I sent a message to my diabetes doc about it, and hopefully I get some clarity on it. I might get on a pump sooner rather than later, so I can continue to have good BG and also maybe a CGM. If anyone has any advice, that would be great. Thanks!

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I’d start pumping first before trying to conceive.

I am sorry I can’t help you about the honeymooning part, But I got pregnant and wanted to try and go on the pump but my nurse advised me to wait until I had my baby.
I guess it would be a big change and have to figure out doses etc. Maybe go on the pump before pregnancy.
Good luck I am excited for you.:hugs:

Might even consider waiting until after the honeymoon. Pregnancy alone puts you on the BG roller coaster of your life. No need to complicate this further with the unpredictability of the honeymoon. Then again, I’m not certain whether pregnancy would simply end your honeymoon.

Thanks everyone. I guess nobody knows for sure, but I’ll be in touch with my doctor. Just didn’t know if you had any advice.

Pregnancy DURING honeymooning. THAT sounds like the perfect time to do it.

Find out what a CGM can tell you!

I’ll look into a CGM and a pump :slight_smile:

The most important thing for pregnancy is good blood sugar control. I found out I was diabetic in the first weeks of my first pregnancy. on insulin ever since. Went on to have a second pregnancy 2 1/2 years after the first. Both successful and mostly non-eventful (at least where the diabetes was concerned). I did eat low carb for both (and still do), I did manage the blood sugar quite aggressively with frequent testing and corrections, as required.

I would say get yourself comfortable with using insulin and the tools you have, but then I’d say go for it. You never know how long it will take anyway.

During pregnancy everything changes with blood sugar control. Whether you get pregnant sooner or later, that fact will still remain.

After 2 diabetic pregnancies I would say that a pump is not essential, however, a CGM would be great! So for me that would be the first on the wish list.

Get your thyroid checked because this can affect pregnancy and often hypothyroid and diabetes go hand in hand.

Best wishes to you and your partner. Having kids is life changing, in great ways and challenging ways. If I had to do it all again I would still do it (in fact, I would have started having kids earlier and would have had more than 2!).

Thanks. You have great advice. I can’t even imagine being diagnosed while being pregnant. How scary! But anyway, I have already found out that I have Hashimotos, unfortunately. I’ve been taking levothyroxine, and it has gotten my numbers to come down significantly. I’m going to look into getting A CGM if finances will permit. Otherwise, I’ll just have to test a lot. Thanks for the info!

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Oh, if you are planning pregnancy get on the insulins that are considered safe.

These are Humalog for fast acting (insulin lispro) and Levemir (insulin detemir) for long acting. The only other ones tested and considered safe are the old human insulins Humalin N and R (and these are far harder to use than modern insulins).

If you are planning pregnancy make sure your thyroid is optimized. As soon as you are pregnant you will need to increase your thyroid meds. Then you will also need to test levels monthly and adjust. [I was hypothyroid before I was diabetic]. They say to increase thyroid med dose something like 20% immediately that you know you are pregnant, and then adjust from there.

You can do this. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. I know that. I actually am increasing my thyroid medication as of this week, via doctors orders. So I understand. I’m hoping that prenatals will also do the job with keeping things in line :slight_smile:

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Great advice I also wished I started a bit earlier. But I am over the moon with my two babies.
It was lovely reading your post. :kissing_heart:

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for prenatals look for 1 with methyl folate or other natural form not folic acid (man-made) which can cause problems for people with mthfr genes (40 - 60% of the population). i like thorne brand from also make sure vitamin d levels are optimum (important for healthy pregnancy), they are often low in people with diabetes and autoimmune conditions.