Honeymoon Frusterations

Hi all! I’ve been a member for alittle while but haven’t posted to much. I do however read and learn alot from this site. Im just in a funk this evening and the events of the past month and half I suppose are catching up w/ me… My daughter just turned 8 and was diagonosed with type 1 Nov. 14 2008. She’s adjusted better than any of us. Once she was released from UVA we seemed to grab the concept of it all fairly easily and just started rolling with the punches. Some days are better than others. We know everything happens for a reason and compared to what some parents/families have to go through we’ll gladly take diabetes. Well we’re told recently that she’s offically entered the " honeymoon phase" Well what in the world is so honeymoon about it. We’ve been dealing with lows for the past two weeks. They scare the bajebus outta me. We’re still having to check her 2hrs after her meals. Well not even an hour or so after she eats she’ll show signs of being low sure enough we check and she’ll be like a 45. WTH. It’s so frusterating. The doctors keep lowering the doses of her Lantus. Now I may be new at this and not know to much but it’s obvious to me that her ratio for humolog needs to be changed or something. Any suggestions?

Hi Rachel. My DD and I are in the same exact shoes as you right now. I know that we are calculating correctly and she is still going low. Not every time though, just every now and then. I figure that her pancreas decides to work those few times when I know our #s are right. We try to remain clam and just give her glucose (or have her take it I should say she is 14). and check in 15 min. We were diagnosed on the 5th of Nov. How much Humolog is she taking p/carb? It took a while for our ratio to get figured out, it might need to be changed again due to the lows (this is what I would ask being that she is going low after eating) If she were going low at night then I could see the lantus being changed.

Hi Courtney - so it took your son about a year to come out of the Honeymoon Phase? We are hoping that is about the time that we are going to get a pump.
Good Luck.

They just changed her lantus to 7 units. and her humolog is 1 unit for every 15 grams of carbs.
It’s scary sending her to school knowing they’re not able to look after her like I can here at home ( but that’s just a whole other frusteration.). We’re intrested in the pump. Dr Clarke is going to talk to us more about it at her next appointment in April.
Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I didn’t much enjoy my honeymoon phase, either. Just a bunch of unpredictable lows.

Hey, I learned that the remaining betacells becomes “lazy” and stop producing insulin or produce less insulin. This is sometimes due to the high bloodsugars when diagnosed or other factors. When a newly diagnosed is starting to inject insulin the bs lowers and this remaining beta cells suddenly starts working again and start producing insulin. Now it became difficult to estimate how much insulin to inject, because one doesn’t know how much insulin the body is producing. Resulting in low bs. Until this remaining betacells is also destroyed the honeymoon period will go on. But one would like to preserve this remaining betacells and prolong the honeymoon period as it keep the body saver from DKA later on. The honeymoon period can be anything from 3 mnths to over a year. Research shown that high bs destroys the remaining betacells faster. Because the body is now producing some insulin again it is normal to lower the dose of insulin.

Also after a while you get the correct doses, then suddenly the honeymoon period is over, it starts all over again - new doses new carb ratios etc. My son was dg at age 6 he is now 13. Everytime the season changes - new doses, every growth period - new doses. He’s now entering puberty - new doses -all the time- because the body has a natural insulin resistance during puberty! Sometimes it goes well for long periods of time - we relax a bit and the suddenly everthing changes again. I have the same frustrations and moods of depression again, because it feels like a guessing game all the time. Unless a person is affected by this condition nobody will know what you going through, other people sometimes think one is overreacting.

I can say even though we are newly diagnosed we can tell the difference w/the puberty stuff. When her monthly friend comes around the numbers are all over the place. The dr. said that’s to be expected . I am sure that our doses will change from time to time. Right now they are good, we do have a low about 1 time or so a week, but I think I said before I think that’s just her pancreas saying “Oh I am supposed to do something right now.” :slight_smile: We deal with it. We haven’t had any scary scary lows yet, she pretty much catches then. Thank you God. I do not know what I would do if it were worse than that. This whole situation is a very scary one.
I can see where people think you are over reacting, however its your child, I would never say a mother is over reacting, however I am a Mom too. And this is a hard thing to deal with as a Mother. At least we have somewhere that has support. ~8:o)

ohhh don’t i miss those days, just keep lowering her insulin until you find a comfort zone that’s what i did