The Honeymoon is OVER!

its been 7 months and we just went to the Dr. last week for his three month check up and the Dr. said he is officially not honeymooning anymore! his sugars have been running extreamly high for a while and the weekly call ins have not helped much. But now he has gone from 5 units of lantis at night to 9 and his meal correction is 1 unit for every 15 carbs… i think that is too much cause he is going low after every meal. ill call in tomorrow and see if they will change it. He has adjusted well… im still crying alot but doing better. i just get over whelmed sometimes. We have a great routine going with school and everything, im now stressing some about summer coming. I worry about letting him go to the pool without me and him sleeping late and not eating right. He now doesnt want to go away to camp and im kinda relived about that…LIFE WITH DIABETES SUCKS!!!

I remember when my honeymoon ended it was also sudden! So it will take some time to readjust… I went from 1 unit for 30g of carbs to 1 unit for 13g of carbs within a few months. It may be good to increase from 15 then decrease if you are seeing post-meal highs.

All the best to you! These times are tough!

Have you thought about sending him to diabetes camp???


I agree with Kristin. Give him a little less insulin at mealtime ( 1:16) and see how he does.

It’s frightening making these adjustments in the beginning, I know. But you’ll be amazed by how good you’re going to get at this.

My son just turned 12 this fall-- he was almost 9 at diagnosis. His honeymoon lasted a very long time-- over a year. I remember how much I wanted him to stay there. Just couldn’t bear the thought of him losing those remaining beta cells.

Kaci, this whole thing is so hard-- but it does get better.

Hang in there.

Oh, and definitely look into diabetes camp-- it’s just summer camp run by people who know how to care for kids with diabetes. Every kid there has diabetes. My son LOVES it! He swims, boats, fishes, goes in a mud pit, does archery-- all while bonding with kids who know exactly what he deals with every day. It’s truly awesome.