Honeymoon is OVER! ping that is...ho hum

the first couple days were real smooth, too smooth infact, and since then, ive been having a real difficult time with the inset infusion sets, kinking, lack of insulin delivery,high bg unexplained… i might try the metal sets. if anyone stumbles across my blog and has any suggestions,
i’d surely appreciate it! be well…

Hi gw, we were told, and I have noticed also, that when we put an infusion set on, we have to bolus something (so they suggested to do it before a meal so we could bolus). I don’t know if the highs have happened after a site change or not for you, for us it did. They said that a small infinite piece of skin can get into the cannula and the delivery will not be good.

I don’t know if you are using the straight ones or the angled ones? The straight ones, for my son don’t work good, and the angled ones are good. If you use the straight ones, you could give the angled ones a try before trying the metal ones?

Some people lift up the skin (like a big pinch) before they use the inset.

The inset 30, sometimes it does not go in well (the angle is not right depending on how we handle it). We mostly use the “manual” angled ones and those work fine for my son and they are the only ones that we can put either on his stomach or backside (the inset 30 cannot be put on his stomach, he has no fat at all).

For my son, we have to change his site every 2-3 days, if we do not put an IV 3000 to block the air from getting into the window where the cannula goes in, there will be a little bit of redness and we have to change site. And even with the IV 3000, sometimes 3 days is pushing it a little. We have to change the reservoir every 3 days also, we see a rise in his bg when we don’t.

I hope it will get better for you!!! Good luck.

What kind of insert do you use, and where are you wearing it? I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. I have an Animas Ping, and have been wearing an Animas pump for the past 4 years, but stuck with my Minimed inserts when I switched over from their pump. Depending on your body type, your inserts will work better different places.

I use Comfort infusion sets. I would try them before switching to metal! It’s a manually inserted infusion set that goes in on an angle. They are not the fanciest, but I like them because I can see and feel that it was inserted well.

Hope that you are able to find an infusion set that works for you!