Infusion sets

Have any of you had infusion set problems. I have used the Cleos from Deltec Cozmos for about three years and like them except when they dont stick. Its a little bit of a trick to get them to stick but also a lil bit of a pain in the Arse. Anyhow I am receiving my new Ping today -His and Hers models for the wife and I - Mine is silver hers is pink. Any other couples pumping together? Anyhow back to the infusion sets. I decided to try the Animas inset yesterday. The installation seemed to go okay. I bolused my dinner dose before changing and then installed the inset. My sugars seemed OK but just before bedtime had gone to 180 and I had been hugging 80 to `130. I was not too alarmed by this number and took my bedtime snack and an adjustment bolus. At midnight, my sugar was 240 and my dexcom was beeping. I figured that the correction bolus was not working yet and went back to sleep. By 1:30 I was like 350ish and immediately changed the infusion set. Upon examination, I found that the canula was not in me, but laying flat on my stomach so I had not been receiving any insuklin for about 8 hours. Have others had this experience with the inset? What are your favorite infusion sets and why?? I need to order 3 months supplies soon and dont want to make a mistake.


I’ve ben using the Cleos ever since I started pumping 5 years ago. I use an alcohol wipe before I use and IV prep wipe and wait about 10 to 15 seconds and put the set in and I usually don’t have any issues.

Hi there -

I like the Cleos but there is just so little adhesive there, they don’t stick for long. My skin is sensitive so I won’t use Skin Tac or prep or anything like that, but you could certainly place a dressing over it to secure it. There’s nothing like steel for me and I hate kinking - so I use the Orbit Micros - 360 degree rotation.

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You didn’t mention whether you were using the Inset 30 or the regular Inset 90…so I’m going to have to take a “stab” (sorry for the pun) at the cause.

The only time I’ve had the problem you describe is if I didn’t remove the blue protective sheath from the inserter needle on the regular Inset.

Another cause might be that you had a lot of scar tissue at the site you chose.

Finally… (if you’re using the 90 degree inset) make sure that you push on the white “handle” that you used to pull up on (cock) the device, after it’s released. Keep the pressure on for 5 or 10 seconds before you pull the inserter away and discard it.


I use the Cleos. I bought some Mastisol to help them stick. I don’t have problems with this often. I live in Idaho, where it’s quite dry. We travel to Tennessee on our motorcycle once every other year and the humidity makes it impossible to get the sets to stick. Mastisol works great. I use it most of the time now…just habit. A small bottle lasts me at least two years! Just a drop on my finger, then spread it over the area where the site goes. That’s it. No tape or anything else. Hope this helps.

Hi Sue - thanks for the info on Mastisol - haven’t heard of that one. I will have to try it - hopefully it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin?

I don’t know. My skin is not particularly sensitive. But give it a try…if it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll buy the bottle off ya!
Sue T.

Thanks, Sue!

I talked to dexcom about the Mastisol and they indicated it is also good to apply to the cloth dressing if it starts to come up. The fluis will seep thru the cloth and allow it to be resecured - Sounds meat. This probably would not help the cleos but for the other infusion sites and CGMS, it should work!!!

Yeah, it’s great stuff! After 3-4 days, it takes some tugging to pull the site off!

Besides the issues Joe Burnham mentioned, I’ve had a similar problem with the “straight in” type of Inset if you don’t hold the insert disk firmly and flatly to your skin. It can make the cannula bounce off or even more painfully, it can kink.

Well, I have made my decision. Apparently I did not install the Inset correctly and with proper effort, ! could probably learn to do it correctly, but why bother. I am now wearing an Accu -chek ultra flex (now replaced by Flex-Link) - very easy to install even without an inserter device and I will stay with the Accu-Chek line. They are the same I used for many years successfully with the old diesetonic pumps. Thanks to all for your input.

I just do’nt want to go thru any more episodes of 350’s due to improperly installled infusin sets.

See, that scares me as some adhesive bring my skin right up with it.

I use the 90 and have had no problems with it. But I don’t use the automatic inserter thing; I just push the thing in manually and remove the plastic thing. I don’t care for the design and I don’t like inserters. I am a manual guy!

Sorry this happened to you! I like the Cleo but it’s terrible for not sticking - also, I have found that steel versus teflon works best for me. For me, steel is cleaner and teflon makes me itch. I use the Orbit Micros 8.5 (has a teeny tiny 31 gauge cannula) by ICU Medical and just love them. Not only do they stay on, but I love the 360 degrees with the tubing, hardly ever, ever kinks.

I have tried so many different sets and I have some others that I keep around but I’m “stuck” on Orbit Micros.

looked at the link…Looks like it camaflauges on your skin so its hard to tell that someone is on the pump…Looks good too.

I currently have an orbit 90 on. (using up free samples) The orbit concept is nice. Soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes this afternoon and the orbit fell off - no pulling or tugging. I earlier decided against the orbit based on the height of the protusion. It is thicker than most; but the orbit part is neat.

I did look at the website and they are saying no free samples at this time (boo). I was hoping to get a sample so I can try it. I know with my dexcom that sucker is stuck on me that it takes a bit for me to get it off! Which ones have you used that you do like

I decided on Accu-chek based on samples they sent me last year the ultraFlex was their old model and has been replaced by a newer flexlink. They stay on, are easy to install and comfortable to wear. They sent me samples recently and my wife and I both like them; hopefully will not need to go infusion set shopping for a while

I am still looking into sets and I haven’t started pumping. I have read a lot from this group to help.