Hope for more Diet Diversity

There is some hope to more diversity in dietary roads... Though slow, I am convinced it's coming! :) I just saw one of the nutritionists they feature on the Early Show on CBS -- and she was asked how to reach a good HDL level... and she mentioned the things we all know to eat, plus she said "lowering your carbohydrates can also help you achieve this..." Right on! :D

DWQ: Have noticed that all nutritional labels and recipes on web sites are getting more to my liking with info. Perhaps companies and TV are starting to listen to fans. However, there are many cookbooks that still do no include info with their recipes. Low Carbers do have an advantage, if they have some stick to behavior. I for one have been helped with B's help and those here in this group THANKS

Yesterday the nutritionist at the endo's office asked me to raise Clara's carbs to 40 or 50% of her total calories. The RD gold standard is 60%. I thought that was pretty impressive.

With the cost of food these days, low carb seems to be fitting in. However, goods used for baking can eat money saved on the other foods. Some where the Catch 22 comes to mind.

Very true. I've stuck to things I can make with Flaxseed Meal, instead of Almond Flour. A cost of $3.95 a lb, vs. $9.99 a lb, in comparison.