Hot weather and hypos

I have been having problems with lows in the past few days,especially while working.(I am a housekeeper at a motel).My total basal is 2.90.I reduced some of my numbers and now have a total of 2.74.This reduction is mainly through the night and early morning.Is this too much?

If you bs is still within your target range then your reduction is working. I have the same problem as you but I am retired and when warm humid weather comes here on the east coast I have to change my basal rates also or use temps basals.

I increased my sensitivity and carb-insulin ratio and also increased my target in order to avoid lows.I guess I will know within the next few days if it working.

I refer to D as making hoops, meaning every day we pray that we are able to make most of the hoops that we have to make, to make things work right.

What does "making hoops" mean? Is it the same thing as "jumping through hoops?"

I had an interesting experience when I went from my temperate home in Antigua, Guatemala to the hot and humid Pacific. I was at a restaurant that made home made ravioli which I'd ordered as a rare treat. My pen needle broke and I would have had to walk 15 min each way on the hot beach back to my room for another one. I figured I'd correct for the awful high later. It never came and I was borderline hypo all weekend. I've never had that experience again even though I now live somewhere where it is triple digits in summer. But it is dry here so I figured maybe it was a combination of heat and humidity and perhaps walking too.

Yes it's the same as jumping through hoops. I just phrased it differently. I live on the east coast and we get hot humid summers which affects my bs. Like you I sometimes have days when I'm battling lows all day but I'm much better. I love hot weather but not the humidity because of how my bs is affected.

Thanks for the clarification, Betty! I grew up in New Jersey and have to say I don't miss the humidity. I can handle triple digit temps with lower humidity better than 80s with humidity! Hopefully the impact on your blood sugar is consistent all summer so you can dose for it!