How bad is microalbumin 66.5? How much should I worry?

I know I should be 0-17 normal values. I have heard that 30 to 300 is one range.
This is my first out of wack urine test.

However, my BUN is 16 - which is WNL. My Creatinine is 0.88 - also within range.

My diabetic CDE asked me to cut my protein down some. Which is a bummer as I have been loosing weight on the Zone diet. So I guess my biggest diet goal will be the low GI food items.

I have bought a bunch of diabetic books to get myself motivated to take better control of myself.

Am I missing something?

Microalbuminuria can only be diagnosed if a person has two high readings in a row, or a high 24 hour urine collection reading. I have had two random high readings but not in a row (one was 33 and the other was over 300); in the middle I had a normal 24 hour reading.

The values typically fluctuate, so a person with a 66 one day could easily have a 49 the next day. Or it could be that on retest it will be 14 and you will not be diagnosed with microalbuminuria.

If you had two 66s in a row, that would be microalbuminuria, and with normal blood values, that would be stage I kidney disease (out of five stages). It should not worry you a lot.

If you are not on an ACE inhibitor and you do not have low blood pressure, you should probably start on an ACE inhibitor.

I don’t think the evidence is very strong that reducing protein intake helps with diabetic kidney disease. I have read two studies that suggested it did not help.


I am an accupril/quinapril - have been for years. It was recently upped in amount. But my BP is good.

My goal is control, control, control.

I would love to be under 7% A1c.


I have a question. All my kidney functions were in normal range. Except the microalbumin I,see the numbers 30 to 300. My test said 5.6 abnormal and 2.00 was normal range. I don’t understand what this range is. Do you happen to know? And should I be concerned? This is the first time I have had a out of range results. Thanks

Was this your microalbumin (which has units of mg/l) or your albumin:creatinine ratio (ACR) which has units of mg/mmol. An ACR of 2 mg/mmol is in normal range, but the high end of normal is something like 3.5 mg/mmol. You should check with your doctor. Again usually a high on this test is repeated before freaking out.

It was,the microalbumin that was out of range. Everything else,was,in range. If creatinine and Bun and Albumin and protien. Why does this microalbumin differ? Is it a different way to measure the three.
It was the first time seeing a endo. He has,advised me to do some of the tests over. He did not seem concerned. I’m like crazy about this. He also told that he wanted some kind of c Pepcid test done. Something about type of diabetes I have. Does,this really matter I have,diabetes,for over 30,years.
Thank u for the speedy reply.

Is it possible that your test result was for albumin? Albumin can have a normal range of < 2mg/L. Again if your albumin readings are high your doctor will probably check it again and if it continues to be high you will need to see a nephrologist.