How did your Christmas go?

I had a great day. Of course I ate way to much. I had to take so much extra insulin to counteract my highs that I had to change my pod before the 72 hours were up. How did you all do?

Same as last Christmas - high all day, and an occlusion! It’s a Christmas tradition!

My son had a low day…always does on holidays. When you are 9, the excitement factor seems to play a big role :slight_smile:

First year on the Omnipod but not much new. Went to bed at 54, ate a 30 carb snack, went to bed and woke up at 354. Go figure, oh wait sometimes you just can't.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and ate well. You need to enjoy life sometimes and not worry about the BG. (IMHO)

About 8pm, a couple hours after desert, I was at 319 which is reallllly high for me. I bolused just 3 units & went out the door and ran 4 miles. When I returned & tested again, 45 minutes latter, I was down to 120 & woke up this morning at 94. Running is a Godsent for me!

I have been waking up high every morning for the last few days and I am blaming it on the Xmas cookies I have been eating at night. All that fat…

I know. A pound of butter, a cup of sugar, a cup of flour, and lots of chocolate chips… Tastes so good and so messes with BG.

Some highs but not too bad - but we did have a screeching pod (she was running around like crazy with her sister - might have had something to do with it!)

I ate home made Lasagna, bread, salad, and then home made apple pie and chocolate ice cream. lol Of course I thought I took enough insulin but ended up at 415 bg so I inched my way down with corrections and marched in place for 1/2 hour. By bedtime I was down to 120 so all's well that ends well and I ENJOYED EVERY BITE. :-)

God Bless and have a very Happy New Year!!!

We did pretty great! My son is 5, and on Christmas Eve, we go to my Dad's house all day. He ate cookies, cake, candy, grapes, cheetos, honey ham, and so much more. We checked him throughout the day, and gave insulin blouses for food all day. When we put him to bed at 8pm he was 100!

Then Christmas morning, we started all over again. Breakfast and presents at our house, Lunch at my wife's parent's house. More snacking and junk food. Rounded it out with dinner at my mom's house. EATING all day! Went to bed at 8:30 Christmas Day, and he was 128!

Woo-Hoo! Hoppy Holidays Everyone!

During the holiday, my son had an overnight stay with his friend next door. This was the first overnight since his diagnosis last year.

They stayed up until 3am and he came back home at noon with a BG of 128. I tried to let him handle it but at 10:30am, I called my neighbor and had her look in on them. He usually will be really low by then but he had temped his basal and eaten some snacks before bed.

I'm so used to checking on him several times during the night, especially when he plays hockey, that I kept getting up anyway. He wants to go away to a Sports Medicine Camp at a college campus next year so I guess we have some planning and training to do before then. And, some sleeping pills for Mom!

BG of 128 isn’t too bad at all especially being out all night. What are his usual BG levels?

I thought that was great. I was more afraid of a really low number.

We shoot for about BG of 115 at 7am but I am always afraid that if he sleeps in and doesn't eat he will go lower and lower with each passing hour without food. I'm not sure why I feel that way - when we did the fasting glucose testing for the pump his basal kept him right at 100.

He was BG of 75 at 11pm and took a lot of snacks to eat without insulin to bring his BG up before bedtime. We try to be higher than that before bedtime but who knew bedtime was so far away ?

They had fun and we all survived.

I'm glad they had fun, that's what life is all about. His BG shouldn't drop too much if his basal rate is correct while sleeping. Mine is usually the same as when I go to sleep but I know what you mean about those lows and sometimes you can't predict them. I'd also rather be a bit high than low because the feeling is awful.

I always say... all's well that ends well. Have a magical New Year and may the cure be found in 2011.

A new discussion....FYI

I just got a delivery of testing strips from Bryam Health Care. 11 boxes of the CLASSIC (old) test strips that I had been told no longer exist.

I know there were some issues with the new strips not just for was because of not enough blood to get a good test. I wonder if that is the same for those strips and our PDM's.???

Well...I have enough test strips (older ones) for a few months now.

You must live in a place where you can run outside in December. Although the day was mild here (in the 20’s), with so much snow and ice on the road, running outdoors is definitely hazardous to one’s health! Slipping and cracking my head open on the ice would kill me long before a 319 would! I envy you a climate where you can run in the winter time.