How do I get my 670 g sensor to last longer?

How do I get my sensor to last longer?

@Happyhal - How long does it last now for you?

5 days. How often do I charge sensor?

every time you are about to restart it. and I’m sure you mean the “transmitter”. :slight_smile:

I was having trouble with my sensors giving up around 5 days as well. I went back over the Medtronic instructions for insertion and taping and also bought some skin- tac wipes. This has helped me, my last 3 sensors have made it the full 7 days. I am still using my abdomen for placement. I remove the whole thing Friday night before bed, charge then transmitter overnight and reinsert a new sensor Saturday morning.

I’m regularly getting 14 days, rolling it on to a second session when the first one officially ends (if you don’t know how to do that, I can describe it, it’s pretty easy). I’m not charging the transmitter when I do the rollover–always seems to have enough juice for the full second session, though I think it may have run a day short once or twice. Not sure why others have issues but it may be something to do with needing to use more battery in auto-mode if it’s kicking out a lot more alerts, demanding extra calibrations, and whatnot. I’m back on manual mode, which has less of that stuff, and I did notice that the battery life in auto wasn’t quite as good, especially early on when it was always finding problems it needed to jerk my leash about.

I’ve never gotten more than 10 days on the battery, so I learned quickly to recharge at each restart.

That’s the kind of thing I heard from the reviews early on, and it was one of my main hesitations in going on this system as I was sometimes getting as much as 20 days with my Dexcom. It seems like my experience is more atypical than otherwise. Wish I could account for the difference as it might be helpful to others.

What do you mean “as much as 20 days…” with Dexcom. The xmitter lasts for at least 3 months.

20 days on a single sensor session.

ETA: you can extend a Dexcom transmitter way past the 3 month limit if you use xDrip.

each “session” is 7 days. you are talking about a single sensor. not a “session”. My wife can get over 25 days; myself I usually have issues with the sensor by the 12 day.

Correct, my bad. For me the limit was the tape falling off, not the sensor itself.

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glad we are on the same page so that I’m no longer scratching my head trying to figure out what we are really discussing. :grin:

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Im confused what do you mean your wife can get over 25 days? Don’t we change the sensor every 7days?

@Robin25 - The G4/G5 Dexcom sensor session ends no later than 7 days (to the minute) from when the session was started.

However with the Dexcom G4/G5 cgm systems, it is your OPTION whether to physically change the sensor or not - at that point in time.

(Note - the Dexcom G4/G5 sensor is FDA approved for 7 days wear time.)

Should you choose to NOT change the physical sensor but rather simply hit the START SESSION option, then the Dexcom system will start a new 7-day session.

Currently with the Dexcom G4/G5 cgm system, the transmitter/receiver is not aware if this is a new sensor or a previously used sensor.

We will typically restart our Dexcom G5 sensor once to get a total of about 12 days out of the sensor before we change it due to bad data coming out around day #12. Different people run their Dexcom systems differently.

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oh I get it. I just went to the 670g and Guardian sensor so that’s different. I miss the ease of the dexcom sensor (no crazy tape)…Im considering dumping this 670g and going to the Omnipod and the Dexcom G5


As FYI, both Insulet (Omnipod) and Tandem are partners with Dexcom and both pumping companies are working on integrated systems with the Dexcom cgm systems.

Although we still put tape over the sensor.

If only running for 7 days, we find tape is not required. However if we want to run to 12 days, we do find tape is required.

Our tape preference is Opsite Flexifix.

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have you ever tried the guardian sensors?

You can do it with the Guardian sensors too, but it’s a bit more involved.

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okay thank you- Im trying to get my head around everything new…All I can say is I hate tubing (lol)…