How do you decide what is bolus-worthy?

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m doing a brief survey to find out how ya’ll decide what to indulge in.

Do you indulge in everything during the holidays?
Only some things?
NEVER indulge?
How do you decide what is bolus-worthy? Do you have any advice for people with diabetes who are debating whether or not to dig into the goodies or fight the temptation?
Do you feel guilty when you indulge during the holidays? How do you handle that?

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I refuse to feel guilty. I work hard at controlling my sugars and taking care of myself. When I indulge, I indulge. I celebrate. I enjoy. I feel good about the occaision and the people I’m with. I may or may not pig out; I likely will, but there have been times I’ve been restrained. I bolus for it, and I test and adjust and test some more.

Tomorrow I’m back to my regimen of eating low carb real food and feeling very good about it.

I see to it I’ve put an Atkins choc-peanut butter bar in me before making decisions. I’m far less likely to be hungry! I ask other people to share a cookie or whatever. I never feel guilty if I indulge in something. I correct for it and go on to continue enjoying the feeling I had when I ate it.

Amen… bolus worthy? absolutely!! The key is to keep your Bg level where it needs to be. Doesn’t matter what is gonna raise it, chocolate and pumpkin pie or everyday chips and hamburger buns… bolus, check and correct if necessary, and go on with life… the only one you get, by the way…

Holdiays for us are about familyh, friends and tradition. I don’t go crazy, but I indulge and cover. Thankfully my favorite part is Tday turkey–low carb…we do prime rib for new years and ham for chirstmas…so its not too bad…anniversary is worse…cause its all about italian! wine does help :slight_smile:

I Love the Holidays…and for me they are the most difficult times of the year. I am on a pump so it makes it easy to indulge as long as you know the carbs just bolus correctly and a great idea i got from here on TuD Dual wave bolus…this little trick will surley help this Holiday season…
Most of the cooking for the Holidays goes on in my house so it is hard to get away from it. I give home baked goodies to all my neighbors. My Mom did it before me and now me n my daughter continue the tradition.
Its just hard for me. I can deal with my diabetes because i have no other choice and i want to live with diabetes rather than die from it, buttttt the Holidays are the hardest…everything is bolus-worthy :slight_smile:
Anyway this is the truth for the Holidays in my diabetic world…
And the way i handle it is just by testing more often…Test Test Test

I totally agree with you Mark, “the only one you get”… It’s my motto. Take care of yourself, but also enjoy! It can be a tough balance though.

I like the view some of yall took: don’t feel guilty you just get one life. But doing so while still being healthy.
In addition to all the different intakes you have to be conscious of (sugar, etc) how do you monitor and keep track of your sodium/ salt intake? Is it tougher for you around the holidays?

I like this video from Diabetes Act Now about being a salt detective:

Oh… and is fruitcake bad for a diabetic? :wink: