Knowingly making poor food choices

i dont know if anyone out there shares this behavior or not, but i thought i would put it out there and find here goes:

i try to limit my boluses so that i dont use more than 30 units of insulin per day; this includes my basal, which is 11.75 per 24 hrs. so if you do the math i range around 18-20ish units for the days bolusing. this wouldnt be so crazy, but sometimes,i will have candy for lunch (i am on the pump and have worked out the math and the duel bolus options) instead of having a healthy low-carb meal. i am addicted to Belgian chocolates.the irony is this: the place where i get the chocolates is right upstairs from my
12- step support group. every time you purchase a cup of coffee, they give you a free chocolate. and, if you want, you can buy more, as they sell it by the pound.

and i have to admit that i count calories, and will swap a three to four hundred calorie meal for a few pieces of devine chocolate. this has been going on for a while now. i know its no good for me, but my BSs are great so i make excuses for myself. i do eat a very healthy breakfast an afternoon snack (cottage cheese or a 0% greek yogurt or some almonds) followed by a healthy dinner. and before bed, i will have a sugar-free, low carb KOZY SHAK chocolate pudding. MMMmmmm...

i dont know how to side step this craving. anyone else out there deep into chocolate or other self-injuious behaviors????

I think there's a big tendency to equate "healthy food" with "good blood sugars". I eat and drink all sorts of crap (although my inclinations are more towards salt/ fried/ ETOH...) and, as long as I get the carbs in a decent ballpark, my BG works out ok. I don't think we get any "diabetes points" for eating organic or anything like that.

I skip dinner for ones perfect

I have a weakness for Klondike bars as of now. After doing this for a while I have finally learned how to cover it with my bolus. Nothing like good old junk food. I use between 60 and 80 units of insulin a day.

Low Carb!

I have a little different response. You will get many answers from people who are able to fit a small amount of sweets into their diet and use the insulin to cover it. Some people can do that and some people can't. Some Type 1's can bolus for these sweets and feel fine about it. But some have high or unpredictable blood sugars if they try. It sounds like you don't fit into that category, so that's good.

But some of us have other issues with sugar, like not being able to eat it in small portions - having both a physiological and psychological addiction. This is an entirely different story. Your post is confusing because you state it as if you think it's a bad thing,("poor food choices" is very different from "enjoying a little treat"); you feel guilty, and you are hoping people will say it's ok (just a guess, I could be misreading this. but my guess also comes from other posts where you talk about eating disorder issues). Nobody can tell you if this is ok for you. Only you know the answer to that. It may be perfectly right for some people. For me it would be a disaster. I'm physically and psychologically addicted to sugar and the way I deal with it by staying away from it completely and have done so for 18 years. I find it easier to stay away than "eat a little". I can't do "a little". Only you know which category you fit in.

My problem has been worse. I was eating alot of chocolate and using way too much insulin so the scales have been groaning. This week I pledged to stop and so far I have avoided candy and extra boluses. It's not easy tho and I've already given myself permission to cheat on the week end. haha

Messed up big time tonight with the carb intake and I'm paying for it right now. I've been good for over a month and haven't seen BG levels like this for at least that long. The only thing I can say is that I wish I'd had eaten enough chocolate to send me this high instead of the bar crap I did eat.

So yeah, knowingly, voluntarily, stupidly, pick your adverb.

Gonna be a loooong day in the gym tomorrow. =P

I work at Micky Ds... I get free big macs practically DAILY! talk about a diet blower! lol

You have my sympathy, TimmyMac.

Wow. Sudden urge to lick my monitor.

I also love chocolate. My solution is to buy bars that are 85-90% cocoa bean. They are bitter enough that I only want to eat a square or two at a time. I don't miss the sweetness at all. Satisfies my chocolate craving, very little carbs, and a good amount of fiber.

You should watch "FatHead The Movie." He one-upped Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and ate every day at McDs, lost weight and improved his biomarkers (blood sugar, lipids, ...). You just have to make the right selection, throw out the bun, skip the soda, .... Spurlock made really "poor" choices (and if you believe Tom Naughton, he also misled us).

I eat a small square of dark chocolate ( 70-80% cocoa bean),daily. I like Lindt's flavored ones. or the Trader Joes' sugar free ones. They are my 4 gm of sugar dessert snack or bedtime snack, and do not cause a spike. Satisfies my chocolate craving, and I, like Sam I am, can stop at one square, which is 1/8th of the bar.

God bless,

im comin to your house for dinner, johng!

thx for your input. i am also able to stop at 1 serving (or even less). i just have to have thatlittle flavor in my mouth, even if it for only one second. and OH! how i savor it, too!!!!

I really like Chic-fil-a's soft serve ice creame. Thats my splurge. As long as I do it in small servings, I can usually manage the snack pretty well.

I too find the high cocoa content bars do not cause a spike, and it is easy to stop at one or two squares. Dark chocolate also has other health benefits, so it's easy to feel good about this indulgence.

Christy: i saw the pic of your siamese kitty. i have two myself. older boy is an applehead named Mookie Wilson (baseball player my husband loved) Moskowitz, and he is a blue point and big big big. my little girl, also a blue point, is Esme (for love and squalor) and she is a modern siamese w/ pointy face and giant ears. tell me about yours!!!!

Daisy Mae

Hallelujah and praise the Lord for the glory that is Lindt's dark chocolate! I can eat the 85% with very little impact on my BS.

I also get my chocolate fix with Chocolate-flavoured instant pudding. I mix it with low fat, low GI milk and have it as my bedtime snack.

I also found this company that does really good sweetened chocolate cookies. 3 cookies = 15g carbs. They're lower GI and only 10% fat (still too much, I know!). But after buying a box and skipping meals to eat them I think I need to leave them alone.