How do you know if an infusion site is leaking

So I am having some very irratic BG tonight (did this am too come to think of it)…checking the site to see if it is bleeding or such–looks ok, but the tape around the site looks funny (kinda discolored) but doesn’t feel wet. I feel a little wimpy so am not sure if I am catching something or if the erractic BG just wiping me out…is there any way to tell for sure if the site itself is leaking—is that even possilbe?

For me, if it’s leaking the tape ends up loosening, tho that can take a little bit. Usually by then I’ve decided to go ahead & change it & I discover that it’s soaked underneath, but hasn’t really leaked thru. I’d probably just go ahead & change it if the highs have been going on for awhile. Could be that the big push of bolus is getting mostly thru, but the basal drips aren’t.

My not-so-scientific way is to smell it! Or have my husband smell it if my nose doesn’t reach there. When the infusion set is leaking, there was usually a strong insulin smell. Not a fool-proof method, but seems to work for me!

I usually smell my daughter’s infusion site. There is a strong insulin smell when her site is leaking.

Don’t forget to check the luer lock connection too. The smell is definitely a sign.

definately leaking–finally down to 104 with new set (couple of shots too-so IOB willbe messed up for a fewmore hours)!