Evaporation in my infusion set

I just took a glance at my infusion set- MM silhouette and I noticed that there seems to be condensation in the plastic part that stays attached to the skin. I can’t tell if it is water or insulin or something else. I’m at work and while I do have a spare infusion set, I don’t want to change it. Also, my BG is fine, so my insulin is not leaking. At this point I’m more curious than worried. Anyone know what is going on?

I’m not sure, but I just checked mine. (I wear Sil’s too) I can’t really tell if I have the same thing, as I use tegaderm below the set and above the set.

I would keep an eye on it. If you continue to see condensation I would probably change it. When was your last site change?

I’m due to change tomorrow morning, so my plan is to just monitor and stay on schedule, unless something is not right.

I’m like you… I won’t change it until I really really really have to. I have site changes marked on my calendar :slight_smile:

just to be sure you are receiving the insulin - can you check for ketones? sometimes they do appear even with glucose levels on track.