How fast do medications stop working?

Hi! I have been on 1000mg of Glumetza since end of June this year. I have lost 30 pounds, my carbs are 15-20 per meal and my numbers have been getting better and better.

BUT, out of the blue the last three days my numbers have all been in the six’s and my morning fasting was 7.4 this morning. I haven’t have numbers like this since I started this journey. Does this happen to anyone else. Would the medication have stopped helping so quickly? I haven’t changed anything I still work out everyday, watch what I eat so carefully I feel like a supermodel and I test frequently.

Help I feel like a failure

Glumetza (metformin) is one of the more durable medications. It generally doesn’t just stop working. Over time you may find it helps you less and less, but it usually doesn’t just stop. It is possible that something else has happened and in a few days you will get back on track. You might have an emerging flu, additional stress or just something going on.

And you should absolutely not feel like a failure. You didn’t fail. Your diabetes caused this. And diabetes listens to nobody. It will sometimes just go whacky. And it is absolutely not your fault. You need to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you have done everything absolutely right. How could you possibly be a failure. You are a hero in the face of adversity.


I have had some things happen at work. I don’t “feel” stressed about it. But maybe it’s an unconscious thing?

Welcome to the World of D where the rule book is frequently not followed, your opponent does not play fair, and there are no referees (other than ourselves as poor substitutes).

Hang in there!


How long with higher than normal numbers would you bring it up to see about adjusting dosage? Am I still in a settling down phase?

Diabetes is an evolving disease,monitor things and see if a future change may need to happen. I have been taking metformin for over 20 years,did switch to XR. But have had great results. Nancy

If you have an A1C test coming up your doctor might adjust dosage. I went from 1000 to 2000 pretty quickly.