How fast is too fast when you drop in BG?

I’m curious. In an hour I went from 233 mg/dl to 160 than 1/2 hour went from 160 to 143. The drop is slowing down, I felt ok but tired at 233. But, now I feel like total crap! Is it the swing from high to low that makes you feel bad or just being high? I started the morning at 151

Hi Samantha, for me it’s both.

I don’t know what meds you are taking, but I alweays feel bad after a big swing if I bring it down with just insulin, I feel better if I bring it down with both insulin and exercise but I think it can be tricky.

If you are newly diagnosed, you may have become tolerant to higher blood sugars and then a “normal” blood sugar will make you feel bad. That goes away. good luck.