How Fennugreek Seeds helped me to control BG during Prednisone treatment

I recently was treated with Prednisone (20 mg) for systemic poisen ivy. The next day I was in an Indian Grocery Store and my husband and I asked the owner what might be useful to stablize blood sugars. The recommended product, Fennugreek seeds, was strongly suggested. Bought them, brought them home and used a coffee grinder to turn them into powder. I soaked 1 tablespoon of powder in 1/3 cup cold water. I waited a hour for the powder to swell into a gelatin. I took a BG reading. I swallowed 1 tablespoon of the mix and waited 20 minutes. My next BG reading was 20 points lower. I use a FreeStyle Libre CGM. I can see when my blood is starting to spike and when it did, I swallowed more of the mix. During the whole time I was on Prednisone, my BG never went above 165.

Hope this helps many people. It has helped everyone in my family who is a Type 2 diabetic.

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How much for the Fennugreek seeds?

How much did your coffee grinder cost?

Details, please.

In the Indian grocery store it was $3.99 for seven ounces. I have found it on-line for $6 for one pound.

I purchased the coffee grinder many years ago. I look on Amazon for the same and can see prices from $8 to well over $100 for various models (manual and electric).

Interesting topic to me because I originally ‘got’ type 1 by using prednisone for systemic poison ivy. I always warn people with autoimmune issues In their family history to use extreme caution in use of prednisone.

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Very interesting! I say that because after ending the prednisone (as perscribed doseage), my blood gloucose has not lowered back to the readings I had before taking prednisone. So instead of being an average of 100, two weeks after ending the dosage, I am averaging 140. I am still using fennugreek, especially when I get readings over 150. The fennugreek not only lowers my BG but also stops the BG from rising.

Your results will probably vary…

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wow that’s interesting I’m going to look into that. so how does it taste?

terrible. Sweeten with your favorite…

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Remember, it is a seed that expands. Drink plenty of water and then drink more water …

Fennugreek seeds can be made into a tea with no fear of injesting the seeds but with all of the benefits.