How going on the pump has changed your life

i have been a brittle D for 25+ yrs now. on MDI, no matter what i tried, i bounced all over the place. 36s, 400s. i was, at one point, on 3 different types of insulin. the big breakthrough was when humolog came on the market.
replacing regular (remember the pork and the beef insulins?) for a fast acting insulin gave me more control over when i chose to eat my meals. it was much more efficient. BUT, i still could not achieve the control i longed for. i had bouts of neuropothy, vision problems, terrible sweaty confused lows, followed by hyper highs which came along with terrible leg cramping and aches.

finally, one afternoon i was "walking for the cure" with some lovely people i met (along the way) and (a husband and wife D team) tolf me how the pump has changed their lives. everything. i just didnt want to be hooked up to a machine like a computer 24/7. it grossed me out. i had a girlfriend at the time who was also D; she wouldnt go on the pump for vanity reasons(she liked Miami and wearing bickines) it made me think: how good is she going to look years later when she has some limbs amputated. how good will that bathing suit look on her then?

so i reconsidered the pump. i have had problems with it. i am currently on my 3rd pump. i use the MM paradym now and i couldnt be sugars are under much better control. i eat and excersize whenever i want to, i have a greater range of foods that i can eat....and on and on.
whats changed in your life since you went on the pump?

I’ve been on a pump for 8 years. Although it certainly has made my life easier and improved my control, the main thing the pump has done is make me more open about my diabetes. I was never comfortable pulling out syringes in public while I have no qualms about pulling out my pump and if necessary, talking about my diabetes.

My A1cs have not changed with the pump, but I have many more numbers in range and a much lower standard deviation. I have fewer severe lows because I have more precise insulin delivery and no unknown peaks from long-acting insulin.