How many in this group are on Multiple Daily Injections. I would be interested in knowing the experiences of others. Like how long did it take for you to get to this point? Do you wish you had started MDI sooner? How good is your control and have you ever considered going on a pump?

I have be t2 for over 15 years about two years ago I went on MDI and have been on the pump now for about 8 months. Since going on the pump I have brought my A1C down from above 8 to 6.o. For me going on the pump is the best thing I could have done for my diabetes.

I had to start MDI right at diagnosis. Still doing it, I could not stand to be tethered to a pump, and I get infections too easily to consider it anyway.

Anyone else? There must be plenty of people here doing "the poor man's pump" like me!

The main problem I have is getting my two insulins mixed up sometimes. Now I keep them in separate rooms. I even covered my mealtime insulin kit with hot pink fabric and tape to help differentiate it from my Lantus.

I have come close to mixing them up also but haven't yet. I've been doing MDI now for almost a year and it's been working good for me. I'm curious about pumping but don't know if it's right for me. I'm like you I don't think I would like being tethered. I read about problems pumpers sometimes have and I'm not sure I want those kind of problems.

Gary S

I'm a long time T2 also, over 20 years now, been on MDI for almost a year. Just curious about why you went on a pump. Do you prefer it over MDI.

I do prefer it over MDI. I gave me better control of my diabeties. My A1C went from over 8 down to 6 in the first three months. It was the best thing I did since I had to start taking medication for my diabeties.

I just do my meals. I make enough insulin for my basal level but I dont make enough to cover meals anymore. Afraid I will burn out what I have faster if I dont.

I am doing more exercise and watching more closely what I eat but still have to cover my after meal spikes so far. T-2 for 3 years.

I've been on MDI or "the poor man's pump" since diagnosis. I have thought about a pump, but I can't stand being tied to any type of machine. Gives me claustrophia. I have enough trouble using a CPAP machine at night. Pumps are expensive, and I have no insurance so its not even a consideration for me now anyway. The point of insertion is also more likely to cause an infection, being in place for 3 days, not worth the risk for me. MDI is working just fine.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

took 5 years.
stopped taking orals, met and glip.
no not really, sooner.
not good, control.
never, pump.

I took MDI for several years. Just started on the pump. At one point, I was taking almost 20 pills per day. Then, I went to a combination of pills and insulin, then just insulin, now to the pump.
The pump rocks! I take sooooooooo much less insulin. It is much more precise. I really like it. Much, much better control of my blood glucose.
Diagnosed almost 20 years ago now.

I am on MDI now, and have been for about 2 years with an A1C of 6.2. I want to be on a pump for a number of reasons. I was diagnosed 15 years ago, was on "diet and exercise" for a umber of years, but didn't take is seriously then. I became unconscious at work, got rushed to hospital and had really high BG levels. Spent about 4 years on pills with little success, but MDI has made it much better.

Your experiences sound a lot like mine. MDI has really made the difference for me. I keep bouncing the pump issue back and forth in my head. I can't quite make up my mind if I want to ask for one. I might ask my endo what he thinks about the idea at my next visit. If he think it's a good idea I might go for it.


I should be injecting Humalog (fast) insulin before each meal, but can't seem to man up. I inject Lantus once per 24 hrs, as indicated, and that does help, but I really don't know what it'll take for me to test and inject appropriately.

Unfortunately only the person in the mirror watching you shave every morning can answer that question. I can understand your reservations MDI is not an easy task but for me when I reached that point I embraced it and found it to be well worth the efforts.

You might want to give it a try and hopefully enjoy the results.

Unfortunately there is a stigma attached to T2 sometimes even by those that have it. It can be hard for us to admit that this disease is a real problem and we just try to avoid it and when the need for insulin arises we might feel like we have failed.

But taking insulin is not a failure but is rather a winning strategy. MDI has allowed me to start winning the battles in this war and I'm proud that I have done so.


I had the pump conversation with my Endo last week, she is all for it and referred me to the Hospital clinic to get on the training wait-list (it's 6 months long). I just started adjusting my insulin at every meal using an insulin-to-carb ratio and correction factor. It's stopping a lot of my lows, but the process/calculations are exhausting at each meal. I can't wait to start on a pump and let it do all the calculations.

I had the pump conversation also with my endo a few weeks ago. He was agreeable with the idea and said just to let him know and he will start the process.

I have been holding off because I don't want to start to many things at once, right now I am trying to break in my first set of hearing aids. When I'm comfortable with them I plan to pull the trigger on a pump.

type 2 diabetes 12 years, started MDI's 4 years ago, the type 2 oral meds were making me sick and were no longer working well. now on pump a year and a half, i have better control of dawn phenomenon with the pump, and way better control over all with my bg's. i have more freedom with the pump as far as my meals and i can skip a meal if i need to. i have a CDL drivers license and because i'm on insulin i have a waiver with restrictions i have to follow and couldn't do it with out the pump. also have a cgm.

You will never know how bad you felt until you start to feel better. I was the same way, I was wishy washy with taking my insulin, and I ended up in the hospital. I hope thats not what it takes to get you to do it. Its not easy, as I'm sure all of would agree to, but it's a fact of life for us. Is it the prick that bothers you, or is it just laziness? Mine was laziness.

Hi Emmy I got in the canal type aids. They have been working well but I wanted better. I am going to pick up my upgraded hearing aids tomorrow. My originals were base models since I didn't want to spend a large amount (These cost enough) till I knew I could wear them successfully.

I started MDI in June, and went to a CGM and pump by mid-July.

Best thing I ever did. Wish I had started insulin a decade ago. In three months I've brought my A1c down from 11 to 6.3. I'm shooting for the low 5's.