How High Have You Been Lately

Last week I must have had an air bubble or crimp in my pump infusion set. My CGM said 330 mg and I was rising fast…it didnt make much sense because I had properly bolused…when I metered checked I was 403 mg—that is the highest I have been in a long time.

Just wondering how high you have been lately—

Sometimes I like to hear it so I dont feel so bad about my mistakes.

370 one day when i had the flu.

Just had it happen today on a field trip with my 6th graders. Everything was going along fine, until I noticed my mouth was a bit dry. Yep, 298! I think it took even longer to come down since I was either sitting on a school bus (2 hrs. each way) or sitting watching a play. Since I did eventually come down, I think it was an air bubble in my pump too. I hate when that happens!

342 when i had that nasty cold thing that hung around for weeks.

I had several highs over 300 in Dec. My doctors could not advise me. I had done nothing different. Then I started getting “No Delivery” alarms on my pump. I called Minimed and they talked with me for 20 minutes. A young sounding lady told me she thought I had scar tissue in my abdomen. I started using other body parts and I have not had any highs since except on day when the needle was dislodged and I did not know for several hours. Be sure to rotate your sites frequently so you will not have scar tissue problems. I cannot get over the fact that a young lady answering phones for a pump company diagnosed what my doctors and my pumping friends coluld not diagnose. LOL!


I don’t always have really high numbers like that , but I have many many days where I cannot get my numbers to go below 170 and stay there for most of the day. If I can get the number down fast I am okay with it, but it stays for hours on end I get sooooo upset.

It is hard not to blame ourselves, but sometimes it is hard to gain back control of this lovely disease.

Not sure I am making you feel any better. :frowning:

I have a mistake the other night… I turned my pump off so I can exercise… I forgot to turn my pump on after I exercise but it was 2 hours and my BG was 300…

A couple weeks ago I did a 5 unit dose (a lot for me) with a brand new Novolog pen and ended up at 227 at 2 hours after eating. All I can figure is that my air shot hadn’t done the job.

But I have to say the headline on this post made me laugh. I mean, folks, I’m old enough to remember when folks took drugs to get high, not avoid highs.

Busy getting ready for a meeting this morning and forgot to take my Humalog afterwards. I jumped up to 297. Nothing too spectacular just my two cents! :wink:

I ended up at 27 mmol (480 or so in US numbers) a couple of months ago due to a problem with my pump line. I should have noticed it, but was so tired (no wonder with those numbers!!!) that I passed out on the couch. When I woke up hours later, there was the tell-tale sign of acetone breath and, of course, the race to the bathroom to pee, so after a quick test, I took an syringe injection of humalog to get the bgl’s down and change the pump set.

i once(several years ago) hit 515mg after several 5+ margarita’s—(who can keep track after 3??) that scared me alot…

453 last week. I forgot to bolus for dinner. It was not pleasant.

I was around 310 the other day. Most of the time when I hit my highs, it’s because I was experiencing a low and over-corrected. When I’m sweating and shaking like a leaf, I’ll drink 2 glasses of oj and have a banana or a granola bar. I realize the first glass would probably do the trick and I need to be patient, but when you’re feeling like that, it’s hard to be rational.

And, sometimes I just eat the wrong things without taking enough insulin to compensate.

Just now, I was 415 because I forgot to bolus for my breakfast… Ugh.

A couple days ago I was 25.2 mmol/l (454) after getting home from the gym. I’ve been going into the 400s a lot recently though.

I was wearing my pump one day while at work and went the entire day not knowing I wasn’t getting any insulin…when I finally recognized that I was having a hard time breathing I tested and my blood sugar was so high that it couldn’t even read the number (i’m not kidding this is true)!! I guess the meters just read HI when its over like 600 or 700!! I went to the hospital immediatly for iv treatment and insulin drip…I was there all day until I finally was able to get low enough to take care of it at home…but that’s just one time…I struggle daily with high’s in fact my fasting sugar this morning was almost 400…I’ve been working on it all day to get it down. Im so tired and frustrated and to think I have been type1 for 27 years now!! I still can’t get it right…what am I going to do???

245 about 1 week ago :frowning:
Once in a while I go crazy and binge on carbs…

I know how u feel…

i did that alot and still do but alot less

Last week, I overcorrected a low. When I tested before dinner I was at 254. Normally, I don’t get high numbers, so this freaked me out. But during my low, I remember trying to add the carb content of what I was consuming in my head, and getting really frustrated with myself for not remembering what I had eaten. I felt as though I had no control over what I was putting into my mouth, nor could I control anything else I was trying to do.


Been there done that!! :frowning: