How long after a high BG do you feel the effects

How long after having a severe Hyper do you continue to feel awful and would it make you exhausted the next day? I'm sure from not sleeping well...but are the physiological symptoms that linger as well?

After a infusion set fail at dinner...My daughter (11years old) was over 600 BG last night and gradually came down over the night as I got up every 2 hours to correct and check. she was 98 this morning when she woke and then continued dropping to a low. Thank God she had no ketones.

But today getting her out of bed and started was like pulling teeth...I know she's tired but I'm thinking she is still feeling the effects of that severe fluxuation.

I haven't sent her to school yet... wanted to see how she feels.

Absolutely - I look at it as a sort of hangover.
If I wake up extremely high, I'm hosed for the rest of the day, even after I came back within range.

:( that's what I thought...

she went to bed at 600 and then woke at 98... but I'm thinking what you are saying is still true.

You sound like a kind and insightful mother, but, I don't really know how to answer that. It does feel like a hangover. But, usually, a hangover lasts all day, no matter what. I think I start feeling better sooner than that. I guess all you can do is ask her. Sometimes, after a dramatic drop, like that, I feel really weak, like my blood sugar is 30-something, even if it is 100. But, if I drink a couple large glasses of water and take some correction, I feel better within 4 hours, maybe sooner. My suspicions are on the rate of change in the bg, more than the initial high reading, as whats making her feel bad. A 500 point drop could make you feel like crap.

I wouldn't say symptoms would last an entire day for me, but they definitely linger for a few hours even after a severe high has come down. And sometimes it's so hard to get up after a night spent really high.

Thank you so much for the reply!

Thank you for sharing... yes I could see how the 500 pt fluctuation would definately take a toll... decided to keep her home and give her the "day off"
Either way there will be plenty of times in her life to push through and she is a trooper with that ;)

Thank you Jen. Shes never been that high before (even at diagnosis) and I was overwhelmed with compassion for how crummy she must have been feeling. She doesn't complain too much... but was like a rock trying to get up this morning

Some effects can be felt for days. You can be more insulin resistant. You can end up with electrolyte problem as your body dumps glucose in the urine during highs and sodium and other electrolytes are lost. Also, if you used a rather large amount of insulin that can mess up potassium levels.

Good point Brian - the body's electrolyte balance is pretty precise, and any goof can really mess things up.

For me, a high like that is devastating. No one just comes back to a normal range and my reflection on a high of 200 or more is that the larger the swing, the worse the impact and the longer it takes to correct the longer the affect. From a 600 to 98, that will totally mess up the electrolytes. It also reflects in the bowels and for me, an upset stomach (let's call it that.) There's also the fear to not eat so as to not put things out of kilter. I would not expect myself to get up and I am not surprised she did not want to either. I know it’s just one time but you never really forget a high, unless you have so many it’s not unusual. I'm hoping you brought her back to 98, let her rest and gain confidence that it is really over. Bless you all, this is not a sure science, but yet it is always a science project. Andy