High Hangover?

Last night, I was in the 180’s from 5:30 until I went to bed at 10. I finally got down to 130 this morning, but I can feel the affects. I can vaguely remember that hangover feeling from my college days, and this is exactly what it feels like. Is my body just having trouble adjusting to the high last night? Has anyone else felt this way? Also, I talked about how my sugars go from low to high in a matter of minutes, well last night, I took a reading and it was 101, then not trusting it, I took one a minute later, and it was 160. could that be an error in my monitor? I have pics it fascinated me so much!!!

I know the feeling of a high hangover. You just feel kind of broadsided after a high or low, if that’s what you mean. Even once you’re stable, it can feel like you’re just worn out.

As far as a 60mg/dL a minute drop, even though I’m type 1 and prone to wide swings, I would tend to believe that that’s user error or machine error and not blood sugar fluctuation. Here’s a link to an article from Diabetes Health this fall about how residue on your hands can affect your numbers - really enlightening. But I will be interested to hear what others have to say. I mean, I fluctuate, sure, and you can be rising or falling very quickly, but in a minute? I wonder if it’s chemically possible. If you test three times in a row, you’ll likely get different readings, but they should be close enough that, statistically, there’s no significant difference. I fight with my Type 2 mother-in-law constantly about her belief that her blood sugar can go from like 240 to 110 in under five minutes - she refuses to wash her hands when she’s testing and I’ve seen her eat candy and then test. She also swears her blood pressure does the same leaps, but no doctor has seen it, so I’m not buying it. But I don’t know. I could be wrong. I certainly don’t know everything.

Yep–hang overs from big swings either way for me…takes awhile to re-coupe…lows take longer than highs for me to recover from

Big swing like that hasn’t happened to methat quick–half an hour you betcha…but not that quick

The Last few nights I have been hitting highs at night 160-250 and am back under 100 in the morning. this may explain why I feel like I was hit by a truck in the morning when the strongest thing I have had to drink was crystal light!!!

And I thought I was crazy for asking about this. Not that I wish bad upon anyone, but, I’m glad I’m not alone. It feels good to know I have others to fight this with!!!

I’m gonna chalk it up to either my error or the meter’s error. I am still learning. Thanks!!!

I followed up on it, and I think I did something wrong. Since then my readings have all been very consistent. Thanks for the article!!! I finally came down last night and am feeling pretty good. I am just hopeful I can keep it down. I didn’t like that feeling at all!!!

When I have a low or a high blood sugar it takes at least 24 hours for my body to recovery physically. When I have had several low or highs, my whole body will feel like it has been hit by a truck. It will get to the point were I am begging my doctor for pain medicine as the lactic acid will build up in my body and I will get lactic acidosis where the muscles burn and ache no matter what I do.

I have “low hangovers.” For a few hours after I treat a low blood sugar. I feel very weak and lethargic. The lower the blood sugar the morse sick and really worn out.