How long after a meal bolus on novolog should I eat

I have been waiting 10 mins and my spikes have been very high. Should I wait 20-25 mins so the insulin can “catch up” to the meal. What are your thoughts. Also, what is the largest bolus you should ever give. I gave 7 units once. Someone told me large bolus large problems and smaller bolus smaller problems (problems being going way to low or too high due to the large calculation involved with a huge meal bolus)

Hey Rich…

For Novolog, the average time is about 5-10 minutes before a meal. There are more variables when taking insulin than people realize. Having said that, insulin is an “as needed hormone”. This is not to suggest that diabetics can eat like a pig and inject large dosages; but it does mean that for those occasional highs you can give yourself a couple of extra units to correct your high. it’s extremely important to know your Insulin/Carb ratio, which needs to come from your doctor NOT a friend or otherwise. Insulin effects each individual person in different ways. It is possible that your giving yourself too little insulin. This also maybe a matter of you increasing your basal dose. But really, these are matters that should be discussed with your doctor. When you first start taking ANY insulin, there are a lot of number/dosage adjusting that goes on before you find the right combination.

Are you checking your blood before your meal?? Have you taken in to account fats and proteins? Are you on a pump?

A little more information please:

-What was the starting number?
-Also, the numbers at the one and two hour mark are needed.
-How many carbs have you eaten?
-How fast where these carbs (What have you eaten)?
-How was your physical activity before and after the shot?
-Where and when has the shot been applied?
-What do you use for your shots (pump, pen syringe)?
-Do you had active insulin on board? If so how many units?
-Do you had a low prior to the starting number?
-What type of basal insulin do you use and when?
-Was it a full or a half moon (just kidding ;-)?

The last one was very funny Holger… LOL


Afraid the answer, in addition to all the variables Holger pointed out, is to experiment.

Larger doses don’t absorb as well or act as predictably. Dr. Bernstein says that doses over 5 units can be more unpredictable. The la. There’s also the issue that the larger the dose, the greater the chance for miscalculation & the harder to correct the error. Seven units isn’t that large of a dose.

No, it’s not a large does… I’ve had a member in a diabetes support group tell us that, he’s injected as much as 60 units in one meal. He is extremely insulin resistant…

Lol I almost choked on my diet coke! Nice one!

For Novalog it’s generally 10 to 15 minutes before you eat. At least that is what I do and it works for me. I believe that is what the manufacturer recommends.

Dang…25 is pretty stout even for me. That’s a crazy amount, 60 units per meal!

All I can say is I take 5 units every 2 hours as a basal rate! Meals are usually between 10-20 units minimum depending on what the wife cooks.