Novolog and lantus

Hi All, I haven’t posted in awhile. Wanted to run this by you all and I hope you have some advice. Endo just increased lantus to 64 units at bedtime. The novolog is 24 units before each meal I can rarely ever remember to take this shot before meals, does it do any god to take it after?

Novolog needs to be taken about 15 minutes before you eat. This is based on the time to onset of this form of insulin. I use Novolog in my pump. I rarely take it 15 minutes before starting to eat. Usually take it just as the meal begins. This means the BG rises higher than needed before the Novolog effect begins. Sometimes I forget and do not take until after the meal. Again, BG rises higher than neded until Novolog kicks in. Bottom line, if you forget - take it at end of meal. If you do not remember until an hours or so after the meal - make sure you test first.

Better late than never, but best 15 minutes before as Tom suggested!

gosh, i am taking 68 units of Lantus before bed, but my day is totally different. I calculate the Meal carbs and insulin to offset them, then i calculate the difference of my ideal BG to what my needle stick shows, and the amount of insulin needed to offset that, then i add the two insulin amounts together to arrive at my amount for the syringe.
If I forget to take it before a meal, I wait 2 hours and then calculate the correction amount needed and take that as a shot. Perhaps I am making it overly complicated, but someday, someway, I hope to get an insulin pump, and then I will be comfortable calculating my meal and correction bolus amounts, and my basal amount.

I use Apidra - which has a labeld use of I think 15 minutes before or within 20 minutes of starting. This makes it more convienet as I may not eat an entire portion, say at a restauraunt, and can bolus accordingly. Sounds like Carolyn is not carb counting for her meals, rather taking a fixed dose to cover a mealplan?

what does bolus mean? Also, what is the weight gain potential with Apidra?

Bolus is the term for the injection of fast acting insulin taken with meals. So for you it would mean an injection of Novolog.

Basal insulin is the long acting background insulin (in your case, Lantus).