How long before you change out?

How many days can you go without changing out to a new set?
I know it's supposed to be on the 4th day, but the way my stuff
has been going, once I get it right, I wait until the 5th day.
Do you think it's ok, safe? I haven't had any problems, only
getting a lower reservoir ;)

I've had a pump for the last 14 years. I've always been told every 3 days, so it probably just varies. I have been obsessively charting my blood sugars for the last three months and notice that I start getting higher numbers by the end of the 4th/5th days. It may vary by person. However, depending on where you live, you may want to think about the quality of the insulin (particularly if you put the pump next to your body or in your pocket, as I do) as it can get warmer in the summer. These are just my own personal observations with my pump, of course something totally different may work for you.

I never go over 3 days. I put 3 days of insulin in my pump. Esp when it is hot, I think insulin loses it's punch after 3 days. Also I get irritated if I try to go over 3 days and I get a big red spot where the cannula enters.

One time I kept my set in and refilled my pump because I didn't have a new one with me.
My belly was not happy later on.

I rarely go over 3 days.. Same reason:, inconsistent absorption, as the skin in the site area site gets inflamed. I have not had an incident with the insulin going bad. I may refill the same resevoir if I am in a pinch with low supplies, but I generally change the infusion set itself on the third day: Maybe not exactly at the 72 hour mark, but within that day.

God Bless,

I generally change out on day 3 (which is what I was told to do). I will sometimes stretch to 4 days, but rarely over this because absorption will decrease. However, I have had a few instances of general oversight and left a site in for 5 days and it was still working. Some sites are better than others, and there are times when I have to pull a site after 2 days because absorption clearly isn't that good.

During the summer, I have to be very diligent about changing out on the 3rd day. Like others noted, insulin begins to lose its potency when kept in a pump (I generally keep my pump down my bra, which I am sure gets very hot during the summer months). In addition, I develop horrible skin rashes in the hot weather from the Skin Tac and adhesive. Using Opsite Flexifix as a barrier between my site and skin helps to some degree, but I still find that I need to change out on the 3rd day.

Wow. I get two days, if I'm lucky; sometimes it only lasts one day. But I have issues with being allergic to the sets.

i was told/taught 3 days, if it's hot...exposure above 80 degrees constantly, change more.

MBP, where do you get the Opsite Flexifix?


With mine, it seems the longer in, the better absorbtion.
It's the matter of getting it in right at the beginning.
I've never heard of Opsite Flexifix. I usually stay cold
for the most part.

3 days others--sometimes only 1

I change on the third day like others. I am concerned about the insulin’s efficency and developing scar tissue over time.

I sometimes wait until morning of the 4th day if it's late night. My insulin starts "leaking back" instead of being absorbed if I leave it any longer. Body starts treating it like a splinter.