Chaning the infusion site every 3 days

So all the literature..and lectures says to change sets no longer than every 3 days 1, 2,, day three it comes out and a new one does this mean:

If I put an infusion set in on Tuesday--that it comes out and a new one goes in on Thursday---or do you count 3 days?

are you already pumping or looking for advice? because my pump holds 200 units of insulin and I need to change my set every 2 days, because in that time i’ve run out of insulin. If I could make it to 3 days I totally would, although by then it kind of starts to get irritated with me and i’d end up changing it anyways. So for me (changing every 2 days) if i put an infusion set in on tuesday night, I would be changing it thursday night. If it lasted me three days then i would put it in tuesday night and change it friday night, and so on.
hope that helps =]

I am already pumping…was told by someone else I was doing it wrong that if I put it in on Tues…Tues is day 1, Wed is day 2, Thursday is day three–that is should come out on Thursday and a new one in–I have not been doing it this way…so just curious how others counted

We count 3 days as 72 hours - put in on a Tuesday, replace on Friday.

I count Wednesday as day 1 and so on, so change on Friday

glad to know I’m not toatlly crazy :slight_smile:

I know the recommendation but I keep mine in for 4 days and have for 9 years. I wonder how many people get the 200 unit reservoir without thinking that their insulin needs may change over time and find it inadequate. I am limited in what pump I buy because only MM provides the 300 unit as far as I know. But I have lived with it so far–300 units = 4 days for me. I am NOT recommending that anyone else follow my habit, however.

Personally I think Friday would be the end of 3 days. Like others, I change mine when my reservoir runs out which is usually between 3 and 4 days.

you are not alone :wink: I asked myself the same question at the beginning and maybe once or twice after… like the others, Tuesday + 3 days = change on the Friday.

Hey Denise,

The day I change the infusion set is my Day 1 (like you say above - change on Tues - comes out on Thurs) - that’s how I remember. Also - I have found if I put enough insulin in my insulin reservoir for just 3 days (usually I’m down to about 6 units when it’s time to change) then I can’t go any longer.

I used to originally fill the reservoir up with 200 units (I didn’t know any better as I was self taught with using pump), but then of course, I’d go for 4-5 days (I think one time it was 6 - ugh). Then I was told by a long time pumper once I joined up to online forums (thank heaven for these places), not to do this, as scarring/infection can occur, which in the long run, will eventually cause absorption probs.

I’ve been pumping over 2 years now, and so far, with rotation of 1", doing okay (I use stomach, back area (around the love handle areas above below waistline), and my legs).

i go less by the clock than by feel and my numbers. that means i use each site for about 7 days. i’ve been pumping for 12 years and never had a problem. it’s important to note that the 3 day interval is only a recommendation; not a medical mandate. it’s not required by the fda and, as far as i know, there are no peer reviewed studies that conclusive show a 3-day interval is best/essential.
the pump companies push it relentlessly because there’s a whiff of medical support but mainly because it’s good business. fewer days equals more revenue.

I’ll go 4 days, counting each 24 hour period as one day, as long as the site is not hurting and numbers are good.

Fist of all, day 1 ends when the first 24 hours of pumping through the site ends and day 3 ends and set change would occur when 72 hours have past since inserting the set. So in on Tuesday out sometime of Friday - does not have to be exactly 72 hours.

Secondly, there is no rule that says you must change your set when your reservor is empty. I try and change my insertion set every 72 hours - do not always wait that long as sometimes I find the set leaking at about 60 hours as a result of tunneling. Due to my insulin use I need to change the reservor about every 50 - 56 hours. So I do not change both at the same time.

I have been changing my inset every 4 days.I change my cartridge every 8 days.The total amount I need usually for the 8 days is about 140 units and I don’t use all of it…That includes 2 primes.I can’t image needing 200 units every 3 days.Maybe Jodie needs to correct alot.

Nell, I knew my needs would generate changing cartridges every two days due to insulin needs but chose the Animas over Medtronic anyway. Pump brand was totally my choice and I knew Medtronic would last longer with the 300 u reservoir but based my choice on many things and felt the two day changes were offset by other things Animas Ping offered me. It was right for me and I have not minded the changes. I think everyone has to figure out what works best for them. As for how to count days for site change, I vote for the 72 hr rule.

I count mine as hours. As I use Sure-T’s the recommended is 2 days. I count 48 hours from the time of insertion, to the next change.

I go 3 days only b/c my skin is sensitive and will get a rash, and I find the Humalog really poops out after a few days, so its better to change before that happens. I end up wasting a lot of insulin. Your time scale was right, if you put a set in Tues, you would best change it Friday.
Good luck!

Since I am on CGMS, I usually change my infusion site when I change my sensor. Anywhere from 3-6 days usually. If I put a new one in on a Monday, I count 3 days ahead (which would be Thursday) and that is 3 days for me.
Good luck and much success in managing your diabetes:)

A day is 24 hours. So if you put the infusion set in on Tuesday afternoon, day 1 ends on Wednesday afternoon, day 2 on Thursday afternoon and day 3 on Friday afternoon. To me, it doesn’t make sense to count a couple of hours as a whole day. When I first received my pump back in August 09, the diabetes educator helped guide me through my first infusion application and told me to come back in three days so she could help guide me through the change. I received it on Monday morning; the appointment she made for me to come back was Thursday morning-- 24 hours X 3 = 72 hours. Putting it in on Tuesday evening and taking it out on Thursday evening is only 48 hours, hence only two days. I sometimes keep the set in for 4 days if all is well-- i.e.-- no itching or pain or redness. I change reservoirs when my insulin is low-- down to 6 - 10 units and simply reuse the tubing, which I attach to the new reservoir. Again, my diabetes educator told me to do that. It’s worked well for me. Luckily, my Humalogue has never lost its strength, either in my pump, or in my cupboard when I was on MDI for years. If I get highs, it’s because I’ve miscalculated carbs, I’m coming down with something or I’m already sick, or my infusion set isn’t in properly. (That’s only happened a couple of times, now that I’m much better at using the inserts.)

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