How long did it take you to go from talking to your doc about pumping and getting a pump?

I talked to my doc about getting a pump last week. Two days later my insurance approved and I got the pump yesterday. Later today I have pump training.

Having been on MDI for almost 10 years and losing control over the years (last A1C was 8.9) I always resisted going on the pump because I don’t like the idea of being constantly connected to a medical device - I picture myself as a patient at a hospital walking around with a tube running into the arm and dragging the IV pole along. I thought Lantus was going to be as good as a pump, combined with low-carb diet. Easier said than done - I couldn’t do it consistently. The only reason I’m going on a pump is to see if the discomfort of constantly being tethered to the pump is offset by better control and A1C numbers.

I’ll post my experiences with the pump in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m curious how long it took you to go from pump consultation to getting the pump.

Thanks for your input, Arielle. I’m more concerned about how my work environment will change when they see my pump. I’m afraid that I’ll be treated with kid gloves and I’ll end up feeling like everyone is seeing me like I’m disabled or something.

Getting my pump didnt take long at all, I had been doing MDI for 17 years, before I found a pump that caught my attention. Told my Doc I wanted it, sent the papers to the pump company and they called telling me they would send out my pump once they confirmed it with my insurance which she said usually takes a week. I got a call the next day saying my pump was on its way. So in a week I was hooked up and LOVING it. My controll is 10x better and my A1C is now 6.0 down from 9.1 Good luck with your pump, i’m sure you will love it…

It took me about 4 years. When I was first diagnosed, I was asked by the CDE at the time if I wanted the pump. I told her know because I read about them leaving “holes” in your body. I didn’t know any better and decided against it. Then as time went along, I started losing control on MDI. I went to another Dr. and CDE. This time I knew more and asked questions. I was given one to look at. I filled the paperwork out that night (Wednesday) and by Friday I was approved. The pump shipped out on Tuesday of the following week and I got it on Thursday. ten 10 later I had my training. I wish I would have gotten one long time ago. I wish I understood them more initially.

about a year
i didn’t get it yet,but hopefully i will =)