How long did your honeymoon last?

I am wondering if there are people with LADA who are still producing insulin years after their diagnosis.
I am three years in with almost no change. Still not insulin dependent. As long as I eat low carb (mostly veggies, under 20g per meal) and exercise afterward, I don’t need to do a shot. For higher carb meals I do 3-4 units of regular insulin. That allows me to eat a little more as maintaining my weight has been a bit of a problem. Fasting BG is 95 to 100, A1C is 5.8. I have a healthy second phase insulin release, so am usually under 140 after an hour. I’m hoping my pancreas will keep on pumping but would love to hear from other LADA folks.

from someone who is T1 and insulin dependent from the start (and not diagnosed early-on in terms of beta cell death progression) I would tell you to keep at the low-carb. Rest that pancreas as much as you can, and hopefully it will be good to you for years to come :slight_smile: Great numbers…fasting, post-prandial, and A1c. Keep up the good work!


My honeymoon period lasted better than 5 years. I gradually needed more oral meds until they suddenly became much less effective & i lost 25 pounds in 6 months. I started on insulin 9 months ago & feel great. I’ve also gained the weight back. BTW, I’m using the Omnipod system.

I’m a LADA. I was maintained fine on oral meds until 15 months in when my numbers started to rise…and rise. I started insulin at 19 months (probably should have started sooner). When I was tested around the 20 month mark I was only making either .70 or .38 c-peptide. That was a year and a half ago. Don’t know if I’m making any now - very little I’m sure.

I needed insulin right away, but small amounts, 7-11 units per day (7 long acting plus 1 unit humalog for every 25-30 carbs). Things were easier to control and I needed less insulin for the first several years, although it is hard for me to pin point when exactly I left my honeymoon. Not as long as you. No one was talking about LADA when I was diagnosed and I was considered T1 right off the bat (or at least very soon, after a short period of being thought of as T2) Now I take 25-30 units per day and have more erratic numbers. And I know for a fact that I produce no detectable insulin.