How long for a bolus?

How longs does it ussually takes to receive a bolus? It took me five minutes for only 6.3u a few minutes ago, I thought it was not going to stop. Is this normal?

It will depend on how you’ve set it up (according to all who trained me… I’m not convinced they’re right though.) Supposedly, if you go into settings and then into system setup and then into bolus/basal/calcs you should be able to find your bolus increment. They tell me that is how much your system will deliver at once (as far as I can tell the only thing it really affects is how much you can tell it to deliver if you set your own bolus). If your setting is at 0.05 or 0.1 they say it will take much longer to deliver boluses than if it is at 0.5 or 1.0. I’ve found the supposed extra time is well worth the ability to bolus more accurately but that is what my trainer told me affected how long boluses take. With that said, mine is set to 0.1 and 5 minutes for 6.8u still seems a bit long for me but I don’t often time it so I’m not sure. I hope someone else can time theirs and help you out a bit more.

I started yesterday and did not happen. This morning it was fast, but the last time super slow, since I am new on this i do not know what to think.

I know that it can take a few minutes for Nic’s bolus to deliver. I don’t recall it taking as long as five minutes for it to complete. He normally gets 4-6 units per bolus.

That’s a pretty good sized bolus, so I’m not surprised it took that long. Each “click” isn’t that much insulin. As long as your BG is good afterwards… I wouldn’t be worried. Sometimes, it seems like it takes a while for the bolus to finish for me, too.

It was realy a meal bolus

Just wait until you sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal or go to Olive Gardens and load up on pasta. Bolus 12 to 15 units… Then way into your meal you hear it beep to tell you it finished giving you the bolus. It takes forever.

The other day I took an injection at work to try and make the pod last until I got home to change it out and when I injecte the 6 units all at once-------It really burned going in. I think I like the slow and steady of the pod.

I also think it goes in slow so that it does not pool up around the canula.

Thanks for the testimony. I am really loving the pod and still lerning about it.