How long should a correction bolus take to lower BS?

Okay, so normally if my correction is more than a couple units, I’ll bolus with a shot. Either way, I’d think that they would take about the same amount of time to “kick in”…

My question is how long it normally takes for you/loved one’s BS to come back in range?


i give it about 2 hrs.

We pump with Novolog. Most of the insulin works through Caleb in 2 hours. However there is a small tail of duration that goes on. This is insignificant for him unless it is an unusually large bolus (for either food or correction). Then the tail is bigger and I’m on heightened alert after the two hour mark. It should not matter what method you are using - pump or injection. However, if you have a stubborn high, and don’t see a reduction with a pump, there could be a site issue and thus injection might be wise. I have only given Caleb an injection once in the 2 years that he’s been pumping with OmniPod and that was because we were out of the house, due for a Pod change and the two I had with me failed. So the only choice we had for him to eat was injection. Otherwise, I just change a Pod and bolus if I suspect a bad site. YDMV of course! :slight_smile:
Also, sometimes with a high, high, I find I need to up the correction factor AND increase basal to see a notable difference soon. The ratio of insulin to BG reduction just does not stay the same for Caleb when he gets too high. Such fun!! Okay - I’m rambling - sorry if this is more than you wanted. I think I tend to be aggressive, so again, your diabetes may vary :slight_smile:

Hey Grayce,

I’m taking Humalog and it’s about the same for me. If I do not see a big change in two hours in my numbers…then I begin thinking bad absorption for the pod. You may consider injecting the correction if you think your pod is in a bad spot.

Last night I grilled burgers and we ate outside and then stayed outside for another hour talking with my wife and two girls. When the mosquitos got bad we went in and I watched a little TV. After about 3 hours after we ate I realized that I did not bolus. I was at 352. I have not been that high in a long time. I know my pod was in a good location because I was well into day two,so I just bolused with it.

One thing you may want to consider and keep in the back of your mind is: The higher you are, the more out of whack your whole body is and you may be more resistant to your insulin. One unit of insulin may lower your BG 20 pooints when your BG is 150, but when your at 350 one unit may only lower your BG 15 points.

Isn’t it fun. Being on a pump makes you have to be a scientist, collecting and analyzing data all the time.

It depends on the size of the bolus and what insulin we are using.
Apidra starts to lower within 1 hour and we are done a 3.5… Novolog was longer 1 hour to start to work and 4-5 to be done. The bigger the bolus the longer it takes but a 3 unit correction takes maybe 20 minutes longer than a 1 unit correction so it is kind of a very small difference. Most insulin’s take at least 20 -45 minutes to “kick in” so patience is key.

Thanks to everyone!

Robin: Very good point you have there that the higher the BS it might not lower it as much… I’ve noticed that a correction for lets say a number in the 200’s takes longer and I need more for my bolus than maybe a mild high around 160ish