Bolus Question

I just started on the OmniPod less then a week ago. Everything is going really well!! But I have noticed when I bolus it takes awhile (sometimes up to 4-5 minutes) to deliver – is this common/ what others experience? I was on the Animas Ping before the Pod, and the bolus' delivered much quicker!


Each pulse (you can hear the "click") on the Omnipod delivers 0.05 U and it can only go one pulse per second. That's 60 pulses (3.0 U) per minute. So if you send a 15 U bolus, for example, it will take 5 minutes. The Animas and Medtronic are much faster. The reason is because the drive mechanism used in the pod (disposable) is a low-cost version of an expensive tubed pump mechanism (not disposable). It was a trade-off: speed vs. cost.

yes it takes a bit esp if it is a larger bous the recommendation is to bolus 15 minutes before eating esp. if you are high, we usually only do this if jacob is high if he is low we sometimes wait to bolus or ext. the whole bolus for 1/2 hour nice features good luck! amy

The slower the better I think. If its goes to fast you can get the tunneling effect. The insulin is not absorbed in to the body.

So slower is better.

Yes, I agree. So, think of it as a feature, Rachelle. :)

Thanks everyone for your responses and for clarifying. I must admit, the first time I went to bolus and it took almost 4 minutes made me a little concerned. I was just use to the Ping bolus being much quicker!! Thanks again.