Insulin speed

Hello all, hope you all ok.
I have a question. Does any body knows how fast insulin acts after its pupmed into the body?

Example if my sugar is 250 and i took a correction, i usually chck after 1hr its below th 200. But if its hi and im hugry i usually avoide eating coz iam afraid it will rise with food.

Also in the morning i take my bolus normal but sometimes i will take it 10 or 15 minits before meal then i freak out when i see the active insulin and i start eating fast. Any tips. Thanks

Everybody bodies are different on the absorption speed of insulin and it depends on the type of insulin as well. For me humalog will work for 3 hours and after an hour it will start lowering my blood sugar.

i agree with cody—you have to figure out what works for you. for me, after an hour, novolog will start bringing me down…and it works for about 4 hours. i try to bolus btw 20 and 30 minutes prior to eating if i plan to eat a high carb meal…high fat meal about 10 mins before.

for me i take novolog and it does not start to lower the bgs until two hrs later and last 4 hrs so everybody is different

When I bolus for a correction I start to notice a slight decline within 1 hour after 2.5hours I am on target but it still continues to work for 1.5 hours more.

I read another post and someone suggested the following plan for figuring out how fast your insulin begins to work. I tried it with my daughter, and I have consistently found it to take 30 minutes for her bolus to take effect.

Check BG.
Bolus for food intake.
Wait five minutes and check again. Continue to check BG every 5 minutes until BG comes down 5-10 mg/dl. When it comes down, you’ll know how long it takes for the insulin to begin working.

I would always be very careful when you do this so that you are able to eat as soon as it comes down to avoid a low, but I found it quite helpful.

I took a bolus about 10 minutes early and the insulin seems to have an immediate effect on me.30 minutes later I was down 4 points.From 9.4mmol to 4.6.When I take my bolus early my sugars go high afterwards.

I’ve been told that this varies by each individual. Your endo should know.