Bringing down a blood sugar that is in the 300s

How long does it take you to bring down your high sugars? It always seems to take longer for me. I don’t see any drop for a hour and 1/2 after my bolus. It take another hour to have a normal blood sugar after that.

If I get a really high blood sugar, it sometimes lingers on for the whole day. Even if I bolus like crazy my blood sugar levels will run in the upper 100’s for the rest of the day. I’m not sure why. Sometimes that isn’t the case, but for the most part that’s how it happens for me.

If it’s really high it just seems to take more time and more insulin to get it down. For a reading in the low 200’s I can sometimes drop down to normal within an hour, which isn’t very good. It’s nice to get it down but I know it’s going to drop even more.

Usually if my BG is in the 300s I know it’s a bad infusion set. I haven’t made any really bad carb counting/dosing errors for awhile. If a 300+ doesn’t respond, even a little, within an hour I’ll change my set.

My daughter responds to a correction pretty quickly, within an hour. But it can take a couple of hours to get down to a great number like 120. When she doesn’t respond in that amount of time I know that either the set is bad or she is sick.

Hm, high blood sugars can cause insulin resistance. That’s why sometimes you need way more insulin to bring down a high like that than you’d normally take for a correction. So maybe it takes awhile to go away again.

Same for me and very frustrating. If the high bgs is from a fatty meal it takes even longer. It also depends if my basal profile at that time is also on the low side. No two days are the same with diabetes, that is why we are always testing to see the results.

Bottom line we are what we eat, ahhhh!!!

When my blood sugar is very high, I’ve used the Super Bolus approach from John Walsh.

Basically you use some of the insulin from your basal and deliver it immediately instead of over the next hour. It helps some, but I still have to wait at least 40 minutes before it starts to come down.

Same here. Any bgs over 200 you really have to boost your correction factor and since you are wearing the CGM you could do that and correct with a bit of juice if you go too low.

If your high is from food particulary fat, it takes forever, and you really have to zing your correction factor.

I don’t really have anything new to add since my experience is the same as the others - it takes awhile and it depends.

I just want to note that it’s gratifying to know that I’m not the only one who soars into the 300’s once in a while!


I increase my bolus by 10%, use super bolus, and , If possible, I bolus for the next meal. I test my blood sugar an hour later, an hour and a half later, two hours later, and I eat when I am under 150.

Still it does take about an hour to get under 200…

I know what you mean. Do you wear a cgm? My doctor says to add another 10% to your bolus if the trend shows an upward arrow.

I take a bolus and program a temporary basal of about 150% or so for the next hour. That may not work for everyone, but it seems to bring me down more quickly than just a bolus alone. I just have to be sure I’m vigilant about checking afterwards, because it can bring me down pretty quickly. If I’m still high, I take a manual injection and then change my site.

Since I got my cgm I never get close to that high. What I’ve found since using my cgm is that if mine is rising rapidly and I take a bolus and go for a walk or a .3 jog on the treadmill it turns immediately. (about 15 minutes it’s headed down).

I didnt even take a peek at the board til after I added to my blog here in tudiabetes. sigh… I was 307 this morning waking up! I havent been that high in in the last 2 years that I know of.
I am type 2. Am I correct in that everyone posting in this thread is type 1?
What in the world should I be doing? I dont even know if I should be eating… I’m lost.
I was so excited waking up with plans to go on a fieldtrip to a hydroponics plant today. .

I think most folks on the insulin pumper forums are type 1. Are you overweight? Do you exercise regularly? Do you watch what you eat? Are you on medication?

Yes, i think most people who responded to this discussion are type 1.

MeadowLark, do you take insulin??? If yes, when you are above 300, you can add a little more insulin to your usual injections (about 1-2 units?)

If you do not take insulin, then I would eat low carb today! Eggs??

Sorry to hear about this high blood sugar! It doesn’t feel good, I know.

I’m sorry, I thought this was on the main page under "General"
Yes, I’m over weight, yes I exercise, Yes I watch what I eat ( low carb mainly) Yes, I’m supposed to be taking Humalog. My insurance is gone and I’m not taking it anymore.

sigh… you’re right. I feel like a weigh a ton of lead this morning, slow!
I just retested still havent eaten or drank anything. I’m down to 201.
Yes, Lunch will definately be a romaine lettuce,kale and colorful veggies salad! Dinner will most likely be steamed or grilled(no oils used)

Good that it’s coming down…

You should see how much it would cost to buy R insulin (longer acting insulin). You don’t usually need a prescription and it’s MUCH cheaper than humalog.

Even if you don’t take it all the time, it would good to have it to take when you go really high. We all know low lousy that feels! Especially to stay up there all day!

Enjoy your healthy eating :slight_smile:

just tested again 171. I’m gonna drink a cup of hot tea with a little splenda and wait for lunch time to roll around.
MeadowLark… sorry I didnt realize this was a type1 post. I just saw it on the homepage and posted. I’ll be more careful next time.