How many carbs?

Here is the question: Without looking, what is the maximum amount of carbs that you can enter into the PDM? Has anyone reached the top?

Here in the South we love to eat. That is why we are the fattest in the nation. (I live in Mississippi)So I am eating the other day and I begin to add them up and I wonder how high can I go. So I run the PDM up to the top # and am wondering now if anyone has had to use that #. By the way, I did not need anywhere near the maximum amount.

So post your guess before you look at your PDM and don’t post the answer. Don’t spoil it for the next contestant on “Are you smarter than a fifth grade omnipodder?”

My guess is 300g. I was trying to bolus and watch tv at the same time the other day and left my finger on the up arrow…when I looked down it was at 200g. So it does at least that many :slight_smile:

I was off…thank goodness. :slight_smile:

I believe it is about 250 because ever so often when I bolus if keep my finger on the button way past when it is done and look down and see a ridiculous number showing. Now I need to see for myself what the highest is. Thanks

I think it is a user-configurable setting, isn’t it? I seem to remember seeing it during the initial setup.
My guess at the default is 200g.

The setting I was thinking of is Maximum Bolus, not maximum carb intake. The value seems rather arbitrary; I wonder what the logic/reasoning is behind it…

It would seem to me that the max bolus would be 200 units worth of carbs. You would need a fresh pod and reset your max bolus for 200 units then tell it you are eating that many carbs.

Nope, you can select only up to 30 units as the maximum bolus. That makes sense, because if your I/C ratio were so high that you’d need more than that in one dose then you probably wouldn’t be a good candidate for OmniPod in the first place.
What I find arbitrary is the max carbs value; who’s to say I don’t want to eat, for example, an entire pizza or one of these or these.

You should be ashamed of yourself for tempting us like that.

I have NEVER eaten any one thing that had that many carbs! Holy cow, that is a whole days worth of calories in one shot, if not more!! CRAP!!
they shouldn’t even be able to sell something like that, LOL
anyhow the max carbs at one time I’ve eaten is 100 and that seems like a TON especially when I hear about all these people only having 40 at a meal and I wonder what they eat, I Love Carbs, it’s very unfortunate!!
@Robin, how many carbs did you eat at you “large” meal??

I should have put a smiley :slight_smile: at the end of that, it was very much tongue-in-cheek. I would never have one of those drinks and I can’t possibly eat an entire pizza unless it’s one of those “personal” sizes. But I have been known to eat 3 - 3.5 big slices of pizza which can easily be well over 100g of carbs.

Ok Ok it was 135g. And that was the most that I have carbed for. I wondered then if I needed more and was afraid I would top out the meter. That is when I checked to see how high it would go and wondered if anyone has had to go there.

I think I must fall outside the scope of ‘compliant patient’ as far as calorie/carb intake…b/c for a super large meal after a race I’ve definitely nearly maxed out the bolus amount…granted, I had just covered 140 miles via swimming, biking, and running, but I’m sure any sane dietitian would have frowned upon it :slight_smile:
I liked Eric’s ideas of that pizza and those drinks. For those w/ two PDMs (old and new upgrade maybe?), someone should hook up both to some pods (so you’ve got LOTS of insulin available) and then see if you can eat that pizza AND drink that Health Bar Shake!!

Only kidding guys…maybe. :wink:

After 140 miles, you should be allowed to eat as many carbs as you want with no guilt. So everyone leave Bradford alone.

I have to admit, I have bolused the max 30 units and then 4 more after… But that was only once… and yes, it was pizza and 3 garlic nots… now, what i find interesting is that my max carbs are 225 but then I get a “bolus calcs cannot be used, suggested bolus exceeds system limt” message, why allow it to go that high if I can use it?

I don.t know Kenneth. All I have done is run the carbs up to the highest # of 225…but I did not ever need that much so I never attempted to give it.

My I/C ratio is 1/6 so for me to input 225 carbs would give me 37 units of insulin. I know I have the PDM set for a 15 unit Max…but that means it has to warn me when I exceed 15 units, but it will give me more if I tell it to. I’ll have to do some reading.

From the manual page 143.

Maximum bolus size 30 units
Default is 10 units

So I have my max bolus set to 15 i the PDM. It warns me if I go over that amount and I can override it up to 30 units.