How Many Diabetics Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

Is it the good kind of lightbulb or the bad kind of lightbulb?

One, but there’s a $30 co-pay and she only gets to change three a month.

Only one, since we all have to be responsible for ourselves and our screwups and screw downs are our own?

One. Plus a person to hold the ladder and ask “should you be changing that?”

now those are funny!

One after he/she has tested her blood sugars, taken medication if necessary so that it is possible to get the ladder out and change the bulb, not forgetting to blow the candle out afterwards, since light bulbs always die in the dark.

You don’t need a lightbulb, that’s your problem, go outside and exercise.

One, but only with pre-approval from her insurance company and a 2 week wait for the light bulb to arrive.

If it’s the good kind of lightbulb, changing it helps lower BG safely. If it’s the bad kind of lightbulb, it can cause symptoms of either hyper or hypoglycemia. Either way, it takes only one smart diabetic to change it and figure out if it’s a good lightbulb or a bad one (with some words of advice from tudiabetes members, of course).

One, but if the diabetic is hypo-unaware and dropping, figuring out which light to change might get a bit confusing.

LOL, fun stuff. I think it depends on if it is Lo Watt 25, or Higher Watt 60 or more.

Don’t you mean lo carb 25 watt vs higher carb 60 watt or more? (LOL)