How Many Doctors Does it Take to Fix a Toe?

For those of you who would like to know how I injured my toe, you can read my previous post, The Most Evil Roller-coaster Ever. This post is about my doctor visit today to find out exactly how bad I actually injured my poor toe. This all started on Sunday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I decided I better see a doctor since it is becoming more and more difficult and painful to walk.

I'm glad I called and made a next-day appointment instead of opting to go as a walk-in. When we arrived at the office it was kind of busy, I'm assuming because of the nasty bug that's been whoring around. I didn't have to wait long to get called in. They weighed me (gained three pounds, damn it!). They took my blood pressure, 131/68. They checked my blood sugar, 95.

I waited a short time before the doctor came in. She is a student doctor and asked if I was OK with her examining me before her attending. I'm almost always more than happy to let a noob get some practice with me. I think it is good because I have so many health issues that it gives them a lot to think about, take into consideration, etc. So I told her it was fine.

I explained to her that I am type 1 diabetic and had a hypoglycemic episode on Sunday and when I came to I had somehow injured my foot. And ever since Sunday it has been getting more painful and difficult to walk. And since I am diabetic with many complications, I thought it safest to have it looked at. She agreed with me and examined my foot. Poking, pressing, prodding. I let her know where the pain was the worst, I told her I couldn't move my second toe. I explained that the torn toe nail and scratches happened at the same time as the other injury. She noted the redness and swelling.

She told me she suspected the toe is broken and if it is, there really is nothing they do about it but recommend splinting and staying off of it until it heals. She asked me to wait and have her attending look at it. So I waited several more minutes.

Finally the not so noob doctor came in and examined my foot. More poking, prodding, pressing. She noted all the same things the noob did but added in the heat emanating from the injured toe. She thought there might be the beginnings of an infection and told me to hold tight until she brought in her attending.


After another short wait the third doctor came in. This doctor I have seen before and she recognized me and my husband. I guess that could either be a good thing or a bad thing, being recognized by a doctor you saw once months ago. In any case, she examined my now famous toe and foot and decided I needed x-rays to confirm the suspected fracture in my second toe. On top of that, she wants me to see the diabetes educator because this all happened as the result of a hypoglycemic episode. Every ounce of strength I have had to be put in to restraining myself from exploding with:


But of course I just smiled and said "OK, thank you."

I was given an x-ray order and they splinted my toe after administering disinfectant on the scrapes. I was told to return to see my primary in a week to get the x-ray results and have a recheck.

ONE WEEK?! For the x-ray results?! What if the fracture is a serious one that needs immediate attention? I know that’s not likely…but what if?

After the office visit, we headed next door to the hospital to have the x-ray done. My foot was hurting bad now from the exam and all the walking around.

At the hospital you have to wait in the emergency waiting room which is shared with radiology. I felt just peachy mingling with the flu infected…

The ER was packed with the ill. We were able to pass the time by chatting with a friend of ours who was also waiting to be seen. He was there for super painful kidney stones. He was happy to be able to pass the time and take his mind off the pain by talking with us.

I finally got called in and the x-rays (3 positions) only took a few minutes. The radiologist who took them was nice but none too gentle. Ouch.

Now I get to wait a week to verify that I broke a toe.

I don't know where you live but where I am I would be told shortly after the x-ray if I had a broken bone. Via a quick view. A more thorough review of the x-ray later would then result in a report sent to the ordering MD. But not a week!

This doesn't sound quite right. My hospital reads the x-ray. It takes a while but at least they give results. I am surprised that you were told there is not anything that can be done. Did they help with pain? I really get rubbed the wrong way when I get informed that I don't know what is going on with my diabetes too. I hope you heal up soon.

Yeah, it pissed me off about having to wait for results when I knew they had the picture right there. It makes no sense to me, either.

I told the doctor that I have Vicodin at home so that's why she didn't prescribe anything. I have some left over from eye surgery. :)

But of course I just smiled and said "OK, thank you."

How about a simple "No Thanks" I've been doing this for a while, just one of the flukes of Diabetes". "Stuff happens from time to time."?

only one
if you go to the right one
when i stubbed my little toe & it turned black, i went to the podiatrist who took an x-ray
that's all


Wow the FFFing nerve of some people. DiabetesEducator
I usually just say No/Not interested.
Maybe they should see us to learn what we have in our 5-20+ years of Diabetes.

Hope it isn't broken. Did the nail come off entirely? When I was in 2nd grade My Big toenail tore clean off and that was before I had diabetes, freak incident with a honkingly huge Metal Door That I opened into it.
You don't really Realize The protection provided by toenails until one run off your body.
I sprained my Foot or Toe 1ce at a YMCA Knicks Junior Basketball League
That Xray they looked at and could tell immediately it wasn't broke.

OMG!... How many levels of attendings do they have. Maybe there should be someone attending the x-rays. As ultrasound would be a safer method than x-ray but way more expensive...

I wouldn't have mentioned the Vicodin They should all ready have that info.

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Ouch! I can imagine how painful losing an entire toenail would be. My entire toenail didn't tear off, just a big chunk toward the top, but enough to make it bleed and feel tender.

The doctor office I go to is a teaching center, so we often end up being asked to allow a student teacher or two do the initial examination. I thinks it's cool, but sometimes annoying.

Thanks for the comment! :D