How many months?!

That’s what I thought when I signed into my google account. I have one of those widgets that countdown until something. Mines happens to be for my birthday (New Year’s Day) and yesterday it said 4 months until Jan. 1 Coincidentally that means only 3 months and 3 weeks until Christmas. AGH!!! Blink, blink ok I’m back. LOL! O well it’s coming and as usually I’m not ready evne though I say every year after Christmas “I’m going to start shopping early this year” Yeah right! On another note this month is going to be extremely busy I have the 2nd annual Step Out to Fight Diabetes event happening at the end of the month, a Diabetes Sisters event I’m trying to plan (but it probably won’t be until Oct) and I have to get my ribbons ready for the 2nd annual Diabetes Awareness Ribbon Campaign. Whew! I better get busy. wish me luck and blessings.