1st off: Nothing to do with diabetes

I was just wondering if the new year is rapidly going by to the other’s here or if it was just me. Goodness this year has taken wings to me. How about you guys?

I’m finding things are going slow for me (wings are clipped ? ) - winter seems longer as we usually go away in Feb/March for a few weeks of winter warmth - but alas - not this year. I hate it when time goes fast though, don’t you?

What’s got me the worst is that I’m going to be 48 in 4 weeks and in 6 weeks my middle g-daughter will be 3. We are getting warm weather down here in TN right now. YES I hate it when time goes slowly by!

LOL on the 48! I’m a few years older then you - it’s just a number -it’s how you feel inside that counts the most!!! As I type this message to you - my hands are like frozen lumps of ice!!! Canada is now being told that we will have a cooler Spring then normal. C’est la vie!

I have to agree that time is flying by for me too. It seems like every year time goes by faster and faster. I can’t believe that we are already starting March. I’m still trying to get through my mind that it has already been almost 14 months since I was in the hospital and was diagnosed with Diabetes.

Can I rub this in? It’s already in the 50’s & lower 60’s here.

Someone on MY side! LOL!

Yup, time flies when you are having fun!


Good one kelly! Party time!!! Whoo! Whoo!

I have verified it with all the old Folks…time is a passing Fast. The young Ones find it draggy. I remember time dragging when I was young also. I didn’t like that either. :smiley:

I remember putting down and packing the Christmas decors and I feel that the year is going so fast that Id be hanging them back again soon lol! I turn on the TV and many stories seems to be just floating by… restless countries, earthquakes, delusional loonies (guess who?), and horrendous gas prices! Signed a document today and wrote February as the month. For me, indeed time seems going so fast. Sigh…now I feel old =)