How many times a week your glucose drops below 70?

How many times a week your glucose drops below 70?

  • Never
  • 1-3
  • 3-6
  • 6 or more

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My personal hypo threshold is 65 mg/dL (3.6). I don’t consider BGs from 65 to 70 (3.6-3.9) as low. If I’m in the high 60s with little insulin on board and trending sideways, I don’t make carb corrections.


I don’t reallly consider 70 to be low unless my glucose number is dropping.

Since my dex beeps at 70, I have started to treat it as a minor low and am a little happier for having done so. Taking slightly earlier action has really reduced the number of times I go below 55.


Like the others, I don’t consider 70 a low. I may or may not treat for something below this, depending on how it is trending.
My BG goal is 85. And you will not hit that number without going below 70 fairly often. But not too far!

The question does not imply or assume you treat the under 70 number. That may be a different poll.

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My hypo awareness is 2.8 mmol/L (50) and this has not changed since I was diagnosed back in October 2008.

I never treat a reading of 3.5 mm0l/L (63) with Glucose but will have something to eat. My major problem is keeping out of the Hyper zone.

If I stay in the Hyper zone too long or have too many spikes within a day, I suffer from neuropathy in my feet.