How many units?

How many units of fast acting/regular insulin would you have to take for a meal with 45g of carbs? At present I would only need 3 units of Novolog.

My I:C for breakfast is 1:10 and I don’t ever take more than 3 units Apidra, so I just don’t eat more than 30 carbs for breakfast. For lunch my I:C is 1:12, so ditto. Dinner I have a bit more leeway at 1:17 or even 1:18, so for 45 grams of carb I would take 3 units unless I was fairly low then only 2. When I get to the states in a couple weeks I’m gong to look into 1/2 unit syringes to have more flexibility.

Mine is 1:5, for 45g carb food I use 9 units.

From breakfast to 8pm at night, I have an I:C ratio of 12 so I would take 3.75 units. From 8pm to midnight my I:C is 17 so I would take 2.65 units. I am experimenting with taking less of a bolus if I am going to do something strenuous after a meal so I don’t have an answer for that as of yet :slight_smile:

My ratio’s 1:7 currently so I’d take probably 7 units (as I’m on MDI and don’t have the liberty of half units)

I would take 3 units…my ratio is 1:15

4.5 :slight_smile:

While I was still honeymooning my ratio was a very reliable 1:15… once I was out of that though, everything changed…

Marps-- do you know that you can get syringes with half unit markings? I used those when I was on MDI and they were great!!

Breakfast and lunch - 3.2
Dinner - 3

My I:C ratio is 1:13 (but varies during the day - so this is my breakfast ratio) - I’d take 3.5 units - but that all depends as well on my BG at the time of eating - since I aim for 5.5 mmol/l - 100 mg/dl during the day.

I use a pen needle that is supposed to be for kids (I’m still one aren’t I?). It doses in 1/2 unit increments and it’s lime green coloured with polka dots!

Anna, that’s my I:C ratio too! So we are I:C buddies :slight_smile:

Novo Junior pen has half units. I used to use that as well :slight_smile:

Love the polka dots!

While you were posting Kristin - I had updated my explanation abit - as this is my breakfast ratio - I have a few different settings during the day. Hey buddy :slight_smile:

7 1/2 units

4 units for every 15 grams of carbs. I would need 12 units for your meal

I wouldn’t eat that many for breakfast, 'cause I’d need to take 5.6 units!
I’d need 3.75 units at other times of day.

well since i started my pump my I:C ratio is crazy right now.
i would take 0.9 units!
since my ratio is 1u:47g.

Thats really good means you are not insulin resistant.

Mine is 1:15, so I also would use 3 units.