How many women have had pregnancies with A1c under 6 the whole time?

So far, I have also been able to keep my A1C under 6… it’s been around 5.3; however, I did not start there… I had to go back and check my blog, but it was 6.9 at conception and a month later was 6.0, then down to 5.2, etc. Honestly, pregnancy itself made my blood sugar easier to manage, not only because I knew how important knowing what my bs was at all times and keeping it consistent, but also because early pregnancy just causes lower blood sugar levels… it really has been easier than it seems!! The CGMS has also helped a TON!

Although, it certainly hasn’t been stress free, I think all of you ladies are capable of doing this, with the help of your team of doctors and hopefully some encouragement from your diabetes friends!! We finally get to meet our precious girl two weeks from today!!

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Thanks for sharing everyone. I am pre-conception working to get it down down down!! It is good to read other peoples journeys.

I was able to keep my A1C under 6 (5.0 - 5.6 range) during my first pregnancy. In my second pregnancy, the last test showed 5.6, and I am really hoping to keep it this way, however it seems harder this time. I try to keep exercising regularly, which is the most helpful for me, but aversion to healthy food makes it difficult to make the right food choices, which makes my BS much higher than I want and need them to be :confounded: