My lowest A1C ever

5.6%!!! Need I say more? I am still a little blown away. I never thought I would see an A1C in the 5’s!!!
I am on a cloud and feeling I kicked the big D’s arse this time around!

WOA! Congrats!!!

That is magnificent!

Anything special you have been doing of late to result in such great control?

I have been following WW and eating healthier than I ever have before. Forcing myself to eat veggies when in the past i would just turn my nose up at them.
Testing more often and taking corrections even when my pump says I still have some insulin on board.
I think i am more shocked that I havent had that many lows. I mean, I definitely bottom out on occasion but i figured being in the 5’s would be a hypo parade…
I want to start trying for a baby so i have a huge motivation right there!

very awesome!

Whoo HOOO! Congratulations! :slight_smile: