How much basal/bolus do you use?

I’ve been on my Ping for 10 days now. It’s been life-changing, love it!

Now that I have some data to look at, I’m wondering if I’m using a lot of insulin, a little, average? My basal is 31.2 a day, boluses have averaged 4.5 (I’m fairly low carb - for the last 10 days I’ve averaged 45 carbs per day). My SD has gonne down to 27 from 45 pre-pump. Significant, even if it’s not totally accurate based on only 8 or so readings a day.

Just curious :wink:


my basal is 13.4 and my boluses are about like yours, 4 to 7 units per day

My basal is 7.3 a day, boluses avg around 12. My last SD was 28.5 with about 6 readings a day. Wow…you are low carb I’d say my avg carb is about 100 a day…sounds like your doing much better!

My basal is 14.7, but then I have one for weekends which is 13.2. I normally total each day with 19-24 units, so that means about 6-8 units for corrections and food.

Wow, wonder why my basal needs to be so high? My average bg is 108… about 2/3 of my readings +/- 15. So I think my basal is set correctly.

My basal is 10.63 TDD, my bolus ranges from about 9-13 per day.

I think we’re all different and it takes what it takes but it is interesting to see others numbers.

I take about 31 in basal. Bolus is about 16-30 a day (I don’t do low-carb) depending on what I eat. I’ve been told I most likely have some slight insulin resistance.

As we say in the D world - Your Diabetes May Vary (YDMV). Everyone’s insulin needs are VERY individualized. You appear to have stable numbers. If you need more basal insulin to get there, it is OK. We are ALL different.

So true, Jennifer. Always interesting (for me) to compare though G

I am LADA so am still making some of my own insulin and I am very active. My basal is 2 units at night and my bolus is usually 3-4 units a day (I am very low carb about 30-40 carbs per day).

Everyone’s different, because insulin resistance is a spectrum, with tremendous variation among the general population. It is mostly correlated with weight and belly fat (notice, I didn’t say caused!), but not always.

I have a pump, and my basal is averaging 19u a day, and bolus 12u a day, for a TDD average of about 31u a day. My SD (which I just found out for the first time) is 28. I definitely have some insulin resistance. I aim for 60g of carbs a day – if I ate carbs the way the average American does, I’d be taking a lot more insulin!

Have you done basal testing? 31.2 units of basal is about 85% of your total insulin requirements which may be what your body calls for but you may mean you are covering carbs with basal. You will probably have to test a little more each day to know if you are spiking after meals and then having your basal bring you back.

Congratulations on getting the standard deviation down - that is a really impressive achievement in a short period of time.

I’m currently averaging about 9.5 units of basal per day, 14 units of bolus and 1.5-2 units of correction.

Enjoy the pump,



So far I’ve only done overnight basal testing. My I:C ratios are the same as they were on MDI. Waiting for a dexcom, so I’ll have more info to play with. My husband was a statisician, guess I caught the bug! Thanks for the great suggestions.